Nowa Karczma, Nowy Dwór Gdański County

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Nowa Karczma
Neighborhood of Krynica Morska
Beach in Nowa Karczma
Beach in Nowa Karczma
Coordinates: 54°25′52″N 19°36′04″E / 54.431°N 19.601°E / 54.431; 19.601Coordinates: 54°25′52″N 19°36′04″E / 54.431°N 19.601°E / 54.431; 19.601
Country Poland
CountyNowy Dwór Gdański
Gmina/TownKrynica Morska
Within town limits1991
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
Vehicle registrationGND

Nowa Karczma (also colloquially known as Piaski) is a neighborhood of Krynica Morska on the Vistula Spit in northern Poland, located in the eastern part of the town.


Previously a separate village, it was part of the Kingdom of Poland until the Second Partition of Poland in 1793, when it was annexed by Prussia. In 1871 it became part of Germany. Following Germany's defeat in World War II, in 1945, the village was reintegrated with Poland.

It was included within town limits of Krynica Morska in 1991. Until then it was a village administratively located in Gmina Sztutowo.[1]