Nowra Bridge

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Nowra Bridge
Nowra Bridge.jpg
Nowra Bridge
Carries Automobiles
Crosses Shoalhaven River
Locale Nowra, New South Wales
Heritage status
Design Truss bridge
Material Steel
Total length 342 metres (1,122 ft)
Designer C Shaler Smith
Construction end 1881

The Nowra Bridge joins the main area of Nowra to North Nowra and Bomaderry. It carries the Princes Highway over the Shoalhaven River and was originally intended to carry a double railway track, as part of the proposed extension of the South Coast line to Jervis Bay and possibly Eden. However, the railway was never extended past Bomaderry station where trains still terminate today, so the bridge was converted for road traffic, as the residents of Nowra wanted a road bridge that connected Bomaderry to Nowra. The bridge was designed by American engineer C Shaler Smith and is considered to be of historical significance.[1] It is shadowed by a newer, concrete bridge built to support increased traffic flows in the area.

The bridge was completed in 1881 and is built from cast iron and steel. It was originally decked with timber but this was replaced by concrete in 1981. Its full length is 342 m.[1]

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