Nowy Styl Group

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Nowy Styl Group
Industry Furniture
Founded 1992
Headquarters Krosno, Poland
Key people
Adam Krzanowski, Jerzy Krzanowski
Number of employees
Divisions Nowy Styl
BN Office Solution
Grammer Office
Forum Seating
Baltic Wood

Nowy Styl Group is an international office furniture company. Founded in 1992 in Krosno in Poland as Nowy Styl. At that time it specialized mainly in office chairs. Today, the company sells products related to interior design, furniture and stadium seatings. With time, the company developed new brands and in 2003 Nowy Styl changed its name to the Nowy Styl Group. In 2007, the Group had PLN 930 million of sales and PLN 70 million of net income.[1]

In February 2011 the Nowy Styl Group acquired German seating manufacturer Sato Office.[2] In 2013, they acquired Rohde & Grahl GmbH, another German office furniture manufacturer.[3]


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