Nowy Tomyśl

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Nowy Tomyśl
Town square
Town square
Flag of Nowy Tomyśl
Coat of arms of Nowy Tomyśl
Coat of arms
Nowy Tomyśl is located in Poland
Nowy Tomyśl
Nowy Tomyśl
Coordinates: 52°19′0″N 16°8′0″E / 52.31667°N 16.13333°E / 52.31667; 16.13333Coordinates: 52°19′0″N 16°8′0″E / 52.31667°N 16.13333°E / 52.31667; 16.13333
Country Poland
VoivodeshipGreater Poland
CountyNowy Tomyśl County
GminaGmina Nowy Tomyśl
 • Total5.2 km2 (2.0 sq mi)
70 m (230 ft)
 • Total15,225
 • Density2,900/km2 (7,600/sq mi)
Postal code
64-300, 64-301

Nowy Tomyśl [ˈnɔvɨ ˈtɔmɨɕl] (German: Neutomischel) is a town in western Poland, in Greater Poland Voivodeship. It is the capital of Nowy Tomyśl County. The population is 15,627 (2004).

Nowy Tomyśl's world record-breaking wicker basket

The town has a long tradition of wickerwork. In the main town square stands a wicker basket woven in 2006, measuring 17 metres (56 ft) long, 9 m wide and 7.7 m high, entered in the Guinness Book of Records as the world's largest basket. The town also has a Museum of Basketry and Hop Growing, which is one of the branches of the National Museum of Agriculture in Szreniawa. Next to the museum is a small zoo.

Nowy Tomyśl houses since 2012 the tallest wind turbines in the world.

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