Nayabad Mosque

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Nayabad Mosque
Noyabaad Mosque (6).jpg
Basic information
Location Dinajpur District, Bangladesh
Year consecrated 1793

Nayabad Mosque or Noyabaad Mosque, is located in Nayabad village in Kaharole Upazila of Dinajpur District, Bangladesh, beside the Dhepa River.[1] It is reputed to have been built for their own use by the architects and builders of Kantajew Temple.


The building is oblong, with three entrances on one side. The roof has three domes, and at each corner an octagonal tower with a cupola (two of the cupolas are now missing). The outer dimensions of the building are 12.45 metres (40.8 ft) by 5.5 metres (18 ft), with walls that are 1.10 metres (3.6 ft) thick.[1]


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Coordinates: 25°46′55″N 88°39′31″E / 25.7819°N 88.6586°E / 25.7819; 88.6586