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La Faloise La Noye (à droite de la route, contrebas du château) 1.jpg
Country France
Basin features
River mouth Avre
49°51′8″N 2°22′44″E / 49.85222°N 2.37889°E / 49.85222; 2.37889 (Avre-Noye)Coordinates: 49°51′8″N 2°22′44″E / 49.85222°N 2.37889°E / 49.85222; 2.37889 (Avre-Noye)
Progression AvreSommeEnglish Channel
Physical characteristics
Length 33 km (21 mi)

The Noye is a river in the Picardy region of northern France.

The Noye is located in the northern part of the Picard plateau. It is the left tributary of the Avre river, which is itself a left tributary of the Somme. The Noye starts near the commune of Vendeuil-Caply and extends to a length of 33 kilometres (21 mi). It flows through the departments of Oise and Somme at Breteuil and Ailly-sur-Noye, entering the Avre at Boves, 9 kilometres (5.6 mi) southeast of Amiens.[1]


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