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Noyes CTA 061202.jpg
Location 909 Noyes Street
Evanston, Illinois 60201
Coordinates 42°03′29″N 87°41′00″W / 42.058088°N 87.683196°W / 42.058088; -87.683196
Owned by Chicago Transit Authority
Platforms 1 Island platform
Tracks 2
Connections CTA bus
Structure type Elevated
Opened May 16, 1908
Rebuilt 1931
Passengers (2016) 277,442[1]Increase 7.8%
Rank 138 out of 143[a]
Preceding station   Chicago "L"   Following station
toward Linden
Purple Line
toward Howard or The Loop
Route map
Purple Line
north to Linden
Noyes St.
North Shore Line
removed 1970
Purple Line
south to Howard or Loop
Gaffield Pl.

Noyes is a station on the Chicago Transit Authority's 'L' system, on the Purple Line in Evanston, Illinois. It is located at 909 Noyes Street (directional coordinates 2255 north, 900 west), just a few blocks west of the north end of Northwestern University's Evanston campus. The Noyes Cultural Center is also nearby. This area of Evanston is a mix of residential and light commercial properties.

The automated voice for the station was used in the song "Chamber the Cartridge" by the melodic hardcore band, Rise Against.



The current station was constructed in the early 1930s and is at least the second station on the site; the first was built at grade level and was demolished when the line north of University Place was elevated. Like the rest of the 'L' north of Wilson, Noyes is elevated on a solid fill embankment, unlike the steel structure commonly associated with the 'L'. The station lacks a formal station house; two staircases on the north side of Noyes Street lead up to a small area containing a customer assistant's booth, a farecard vending machine, and two turnstiles. The island platform is composed of concrete and stretches south from the station entrance, covered by a canopy its entire length. Southbound trains stop on the west side of the platform, while northbound trains stop at the east part. After the station was elevated, Noyes was capable of berthing eight-car trains. Currently the platform can only accommodate six-car trains because the concrete on the northern end of the platform has been removed, although its framing and canopy are still in place.

Former service[edit]

Noyes was served by trains of the Chicago North Shore and Milwaukee Railroad on the Shore Line Route. Like Foster and Central, Noyes had an additional side platform to the west of the southbound track for exclusive use of the North Shore Line, to prevent disembarking customers from transferring to 'L' trains for free. The platform was removed sometime after the North Shore Line ceased operations over this section of the rapid transit system in 1955, but its concrete footings can still be seen opposite the current platform south of Noyes Avenue.

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  1. ^ Due to possible double-counting of physically-connected stations, the CTA's official 2015 tally of stations was 146, but for ridership purposes reported having only 143 stations.


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