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Town and District Capital
Nsawkaw is located in Ghana
Location of Nsawkaw in Brong Ahafo
Coordinates: 7°52′N 2°19′W / 7.867°N 2.317°W / 7.867; -2.317
Region Brong Ahafo
District Tain District
Elevation 892 ft (272 m)
 • Ethnicity Akan people
 • Demonym Nsawkawian
Time zone GMT
 • Summer (DST) GMT (UTC)

Nsawkaw is a small town and is the capital of Tain district of the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana.[1]


The hometown of the native people of Nsoko was Hani Begho (pronounced Bew). It has a population of about 26,909. History teaches that the people of Nsoko emerged from a hole and first settled at Hani. Tradition further recalls that during their stay at Hani, a self-styled creator came with his mother called ASO to stay with them. Sooner than later, the mother died and when he (the self-styed creator) was informed about the death, he exclaimed “Asoko”, meaning ASO is gone, and eventually became Nsoko which has been Anglicized Nsawkaw.

Coordinates: 7°52′N 2°19′W / 7.867°N 2.317°W / 7.867; -2.317