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nsupdate is a computer network maintenance utility used by network administrators to instruct the name server of a DNS zone to update its database. The name server might be local to a domain or, with appropriate authentication and permission provided by DNSSEC, an internet name server.

BIND 8 and later supports this feature.


This example removes the nameserver address record for oldhost from domain example.com and replaces it with a new address record with a 24-hour time to live (86,400 seconds). The new host's IP address is

# nsupdate
> server ns.mydns.com
> update delete oldhost.example.com. A
> update add newhost.example.com. 86400 A
> send
> quit

Example 2[edit]

Here is an example using a TSIG key, adding an A record for host host1.my.example.com with IP address

# nsupdate -k /path/to/file-is-rndc.key
> server server1.example.com
> zone my.example.com
> update add host1.my.example.com. 3600 A
> send
> quit

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