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nthWORD Magazine
Cover winter 2009.jpg
nthWORD Magazine Winter 2009
Editor-in-Chief Ryan O'Connor
Categories Online magazine
Frequency Quarterly
Circulation 30,000 (email)
Publisher Robert Frigault
First issue March 2009
Company nthWORD L.L.C.
Country USA
Based in Burlington, Vermont
Language English
Website http://www.nthword.com/

nthWORD was an American quarterly online magazine for creative people.[1] The magazine published works of fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry and art by established and emerging writers and artists, and mock ads.[2]

In addition, nthWORD conducted interviews with commercial and independent artists and professionals working in a variety of creative disciplines and maintained nthWORD Shorts, a blog with a focus on creativity. nthWORD Shorts included daily and weekly posts on art, culture and entertainment—including filmmaking, literature, design, publishing, photography, and social media, artist interviews and reviews on theatre, books, film and technology.

Notable contributors included award-winning poet Lyn Lifshin, director Antoine Fuqua, humorist Harmon Leon, best-selling author David Henry Sterry, multidisciplinary artist Michael Holman, advertising executive Mat Zucker of Ogilvy & Mather, filmmaker Liz Canner and RT (TV network) anchor Abby Martin.


  • Publisher/Co-founder: Robert Frigault
  • Editor-in-Chief/Co-founder: Ryan O'Connor
  • Associate Editor: Jennifer König
  • Associate Editor: Eliza Kane
  • Assistant Editor: Nick Johnson




  • Actors Matthew Glassman and Carlos Uriona of Double Edge Theatre (Issue 5, February 2010)
  • Virlana Tkacz, Founding Director of Yara Arts Group by Olena Jennings (Issue 6, April 2010)

Writing and publishing[edit]




  • The World’s Greatest Salesperson Contest by Ogilvy & Mather (nthWORD Shorts, March 29, 2010)





  • The Salvation of Anarchy: Review of The Disappearance by Double Edge Theatre (nthWORD Shorts, April 1, 2010)




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