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NuEdge Development
Industry Computer software
Software synthesizers
Founded Stockholm, Sweden (1993)
Founder Magnus Lidström
Headquarters Stockholm, Sweden
Key people
Magnus Lidström
Products Cyclone, Echobode, Permut8, Bitspeek, Synplant, MicroTonic, Typhoon 2000

NuEdge Development is a Swedish computer software company. It is mainly involved in development and production of software synthesizers, both under its own label Sonic Charge as well as in cooperation with other companies.


Founded in 1993 for the development and release of Typhoon, which is an alternative operating system for the Yamaha TX16W sampler. NuEdge became intimately involved with Propellerhead Software around the time of its birth. Notable achievements include work on ReCycle, audio compression technology for REX files and ReFills, copy protection and GUI programming on Reason 1.0. NuEdge designed and developed the highly acclaimed Malström synthesizer for Reason 2.0. After this, NuEdge launched its own AU / VST plug-in venture Sonic Charge. NuEdge collaborated with XLN Audio on creating Addictive Drums.[1] They also created the "CWO" effect for Teenage Engineering OP-1 [2]

Sonic Charge[edit]

Soniccharge cyan.png

NuEdge develops its own brand of software synthesizers under the name Sonic Charge.[3]

Software released under this brand is:


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