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NuMega Technologies (or NuMega) was a software company founded in 1987 by Frank Grossman and Jim Moskun in Nashua, New Hampshire, USA. The company developed a Kernel mode debugger, now SoftICE, for DOS and the Windows NT family.[1]

In December 1997 the company was acquired by Compuware, when it became NuMega Labs of Compuware.[2] Less than a year after moving to Merrimack, the development lab was effectively shut down on 11 June 2007.[3] In June 2009, Compuware sold the former NuMega products, the intellectual property and the remaining staff to a UK-based firm named Micro Focus.[4]

Mark Russinovich, an IT professional, started his career at NuMega co-writing with Bryce Cogswell the software NTFSDOS, Filemon and RegMon.[1]

Notable products[edit]

  • SoftICE
  • DriverStudio
  • BoundsChecker (Automated runtime error detection)
  • DevPartner Studio
  • DevPartner Java Edition
  • SmartCheck (Visual Basic Error Detection)
  • TrueTime (Profiling)
  • TrueCoverage (Code coverage)
  • CodeReview (Source code based error detection)
  • FailSafe (Improved Visual Basic error handling)
  • DevPartner SecurityChecker
  • DevPartner Fault Simulator
  • CV/1 (Microsoft CodeView on a single monitor)
  • Magic CV (Microsoft CodeView running in less RAM)

Notable employees[edit]


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