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NuMega Technologies (or NuMega) was a software company founded in 1987 by Frank Grossman and Jim Moskun in Nashua, New Hampshire, USA. The company developed Kernel mode debugger, now SoftICE, for DOS and the Windows NT family.[1]

In December 1997 the company was acquired by Compuware, when it became NuMega Labs of Compuware.[2] Less than a year after its move to Merrimack, the development lab was effectively shut down on 11 June 2007.[3] In June 2009, Compuware sold the former NuMega products, the intellectual property and the remaining staff to a UK-based firm named Micro Focus.[4]

Mark Russinovich, an IT professional, started his career at NuMega co-writing with Bryce Cogswell the software NTFSDOS, Filemon and RegMon.[1]

Notable products[edit]

  • SoftICE
  • DriverStudio
  • BoundsChecker (Automated runtime error detection)
  • DevPartner Studio
  • DevPartner Java Edition
  • SmartCheck (Visual Basic Error Detection)
  • TrueTime (Profiling)
  • TrueCoverage (Code coverage)
  • CodeReview (Source code based error detection)
  • FailSafe (Improved Visual Basic error handling)
  • DevPartner SecurityChecker
  • DevPartner Fault Simulator
  • CV/1 (Microsoft CodeView on a single monitor)
  • Magic CV (Microsoft CodeView running in less RAM)

Notable employees[edit]


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