Nu Sagittarii

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The Bayer designation Nu Sagittarii (Nu Sgr, ν Sagittarii, ν Sgr) is shared by two star systems, ν1 Sagittarii and ν2 Sagittarii, in the zodiac constellation Sagittarius. The two stars are separated by 0.23° in the sky.

Nu Sagittarii has the traditional name Ain al Rami, which is from the Arabic عين الرامي cain ar-rāmī meaning eye of the archer.[1] Both of the ν stars, together with τ Sgr, ψ Sgr, ω Sgr, 60 Sgr and ζ Sgr were Al Udḥiyy, the Ostrich's Nest.[1] Nu Sagittarii is often cited as one of the earliest identified double stars.[2] In the Almagest, Ptolemy describes the star as "nebulous and double", referring to the double nature of the star.


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