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Nuatambu Island
Nuatambu Island is located in Solomon Islands
Nuatambu Island
Nuatambu Island
Location in the Solomon Islands
Coordinates: 007°07′26.42″S 157°09′39.99″E / 7.1240056°S 157.1611083°E / -7.1240056; 157.1611083
Country Solomon Islands
Province Choiseul Province

Nuatambu is an island in the Solomon Islands; it is located in Choiseul Province. Nuatambu is home to 25 families.[1]

In 1962, the island had an area of 30,080 square meters. In 2014, the area was measured as 13,980 square meters. The difference has been attributed to the rise in sea level due to climate change.[1][2]


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