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Kiya wearing a Nubian wig

A Nubian wig is a form of headdress worn by ancient Egyptians which is thought to imitate the thick hairstyles of the Nubian peoples (of modern Sudan), who were at various times incorporated into the Egyptian kingdom. The wig partly resembles the modern Afro hairstyle, but is most typically represented as a built-up series of layers of tightly curled plaits.[1]

The style was especially popular during the 18th Dynasty, most notably during the reign of Pharaoh Akhenaten. The Nubian wig is most frequently associated with queen Kiya. It was also worn by Nefertiti and by the pharaoh's mother Tiye.[2]

The only surviving specimen from ancient Egypt is in the Cairo Museum. It was found beside the mummy of Tutankhamun's mother.


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