Nuccio Ordine

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Nuccio Ordine
Born 1958
Diamante, Italy
Occupation Writer, Professor, Philosopher
Genre Philosophy, Literature

Nuccio Ordine (Italian pronunciation: [ˈnuttʃo ˈordine]; born 1958) is an Italian professor,[1] philosopher and one of the world's top experts on Renaissance and the philosopher Giordano Bruno. Born in 1958 in Diamante, province of Cosenza, in the region of Calabria, he is a Professor of literature at the University of Calabria. Fellow at Harvard University Center for Studies of the Italian Renaissance and of Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung, Ordine taught at the American universities of Yale and New York University and at the European universities EHESS, Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris, Paris-IV Sorbonne, Paris-III Sorbonne-Nouvelle, CESR of Tours, Institut Universitaire de France, Paris-VIII, Institut des Études Avancées de Paris, Warburg Institute and Eichstätt University. He is one of the greatest contemporary experts on Giordano Bruno and Renaissance. His books have been translated in many languages, including Chinese, Japanese and Russian. He is also a general editor of the new edition of the works of Giordano Bruno, together with Yves Hersant and Alain Segonds and of three collections of classical authors at Les Belles Lettres Publishing House (The complete works of Giordano Bruno, bilingual edition, including a critical text and the translation in French, a series supervised by Nuccio Ordine and Yves Hersant and published under the patronage of the Italian Institute for Philosophical Studies and the International Center of Brunian Studies). In Italy, he is the general editor of the “Sileni” series of Liguori Publishing House, “Classics of European thinking” at Nino Aragno Publishing House and “Classics of European literature” at Bompiani Publishing House. Nuccio Ordine also writes for "Corriere della Sera" newspaper.


Knight of the French Legion of Honour, Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, December 2012 [1]

Commendatore OMRI BAR.svg Commander of the Ordine al Merito della Republica Italiana, 2010

Palmes academiques Chevalier ribbon.svg Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Palmes académiques, 2009

Honorary Member of the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 2010

Laurea Honoris Causa of the Federal University of Rio Grande de Sul,2011


Non Fiction[edit]

  • The Threshold of Shadow (Orig. "La soglia dell'ombra") (2003), Published by Marsilio; (2004) Revised 2nd Edition; (2009) 3rd Edition; translations: French (Les Belles Lettres, 2003), Spanish (Siruela, 2008), Portuguese (Perspectiva, 2006), Romanian (Institutul Cultural Roman, 2005), Russian(Saint Petersburg University Press, 2008), Deutsch (Königshaus & Neumann 2009)
  • Giordano Bruno and the Philosophy of the Ass (Orig.La cabala dell'asino) (1987), Published by Liguori, Italy; (2005) Revised 2nd Edition; translations: French (Les Belles Lettres, 1993, 2005); English (Yale University Press, 1996); German (Wilhelm Fink, 1999); Chinese (Oriental Press, 2005); Romanian (Humanitas, 2004); Japanese (Toshindo, 2002); Portuguese (Educs, 2008)
  • Giordano Bruno, Ronsard and Religion (2007), Published by Cortina, Italy; (2009) Revised 2nd Edition; translations: French (Albin Michel, 2004)
  • Theory of Short Stories and Theory of Laughter in the 16th Century (Orig.Teoria della novella e teoria del riso nel '500 (1996), Published by Liguori, Italy; (2009) Revised 2nd Edition; translations: French (Vrin/Nino Aragno, 2002)
  • The Meeting of Knowledges (Orig. Le rendez-vous des savoirs) (1999), Published by Kliencksieck, France; (2009) Les Belles Lettres, Paris.
  • Three crowns for a king. The device of Henry III and its mysteries (Orig. Trois couronnes pour un roi. La devise d'Henri III et ses mystères (Paris, Les Belles Lettres, 2011)


  • Rombiolo; 2007
  • Filosofia Siracusa; 2007
  • Anassilaos; 2006 for the Megale Hellas section
  • Orient Express; 2003
  • Cesare de Lollis; 2003
  • Le Città della Magna Grecia; 1987

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Pierre Hadot (Collège de France in Paris): "Nuccio Ordine is well known to the public for his excellent studies on Giordano Bruno. He is one of the major contemporary experts on the whole social, artistic, literary, and spiritual milieu of the Renaissance and the Early Modern period. In the present work, he offers us a remarkable model of method in the field of philosophical exegesis, for he succeeds in reconstructing, in a very precise manner, the intellectual and spiritual itinerary of Giordano Bruno during the period, 1582-1585".

Paul Oskar Kristeller: "The rich and complicated work will introduce the attentive reader to a vast number of primary and secondary sources on Western thought from antiquity to early modern times that would otherwise have escaped him".

George Steiner: "The reader will find in Nuccio Ordine a marvellously faithful and revealing guide to the ardent, magical world of Giordano Bruno".

Umberto Galimberti in «La Repubblica»: "A magisterial and engrossing introduction to Bruno".

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