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There are currently no nuclear power plants in Ghana, although there is one nuclear research reactor in Ghana as well as plans to build a power plant.[1]

The Ghana Atomic Energy Commission has been investigating the use of nuclear power and is a member of the International Nuclear Library Network.[1][2] The commission is working with the International Atomic Energy Agency to implement nuclear power in Ghana as part of a wider project, Sustainable Energy Development for Sub-Saharan Africa.[3] Ghana also has a Graduate School of Nuclear and Allied Sciences which trains undergraduate and postgraduate students in the techniques of nuclear science application in such areas as agriculture, medicine, and research.[4] Both of these organizations focus more on research and the one research reactor located in Ghana than on nuclear power.

The government of Ghana plans to commission the building of a nuclear power plant by 2018.[1] President John Agyekum Kufuor supported the future building of nuclear power plants, seeing it as part of a solution to the country's energy problems. He initiated a Nuclear Power Committee to study the issue.[1] In 2011, the director of the National Nuclear Research Institute, Benjamin Nyarko, also said he believed nuclear power could prevent future energy crises.[5] The ministry has created a section to co-ordinate activities on the nuclear power project.[6]

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