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There is only one nuclear reactor in Ghana, the Ghana Research Reactor, located in Accra.


The Ghana Atomic Energy Commission has been investigating the use of nuclear power and is a member of the International Nuclear Library Network.[1] The commission is working with the International Atomic Energy Agency to implement nuclear power in Ghana as part of a wider project, Sustainable Energy Development for Sub-Saharan Africa.[2] Ghana also has a Graduate School of Nuclear and Allied Sciences which trains undergraduate and postgraduate students in the techniques of nuclear science application in such areas as agriculture, medicine, and research.[3] Both of these organizations focus more on research and the one research reactor located in Ghana than on nuclear power.

The government of Ghana planned to commission the building of a nuclear power plant by 2018. President John Agyekum Kufuor supported the future building of nuclear power plants, seeing it as part of a solution to the country's energy problems. He initiated a Nuclear Power Committee to study the issue. In 2011, the director of the National Nuclear Research Institute, Benjamin Nyarko, also said he believed nuclear power could prevent future energy crises. The ministry has created a section to co-ordinate activities on the nuclear power project.[4] In May 2018 decision was made to build 2 units by Russia or China within 6 years[5].

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