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Nucleus Research is an information technology research firm specializing in investigative research and the return on investment (ROI) analysis of technology deployments. The firm uses ROI case studies as its research approach and has published more than 400 case studies in various market segments. The company is based in Boston, Massachusetts.


Founded in 2000, Nucleus Research publishes ongoing technology research following an investigative, case-based approach rather than traditional analyst opinions. Launched by Ian Campbell and Rebecca Wettemann, the company provides insight into the financial value of technology to both vendors and users of technology. The firm is registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy and as of 2011 is the only technology research firm registered with that organization.

Since 2003, Nucleus has sponsored the Annual Technology ROI Awards ( which recognizes the top 10 technology deployments in terms of return on investment realized.

The company gained notoriety by publishing a number of controversial investigative research reports:

In 2002, the company published a report stating that 61% of customers listed as reference customers on Siebel’s Web site had not achieved a positive return on investment from their Siebel deployments, [1] creating news coverage of the topic and Nucleus’s research approach [2] [3].

In 2003, the company published a similar report examining SAP deployments and finding 57% of SAP’s reference customers had not achieved a positive ROI, [4] creating controversy with SAP [5].

In 2006, the company investigated the advertising claim by SAP that its customers were 32% more profitable than their peers and published a report finding customers were actually 20% less profitable [6], generating industry response [7] [8].


Ian Campbell, President and Chief Executive Officer

Rebecca Wettemann, Vice President, Research

David Brown, Vice President, Sales and Operations


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