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Nudeswirl, 1993
Background information
Origin New Brunswick, New Jersey
Genres Grunge
Years active 1988–1995
Labels Megaforce Records
Members Dizzy Cortright
Shane M. Green
Chris Wargo
Woody Newland
Past members Mike Toro

Nudeswirl was an alternative/grunge band based in New Brunswick, New Jersey.


Nudeswirl was formed in 1989 by Shane M. Green, Chris Wargo, and drummer Mike Toro in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The band released an independent full-length LP titled Nudeswirl in 1989. In 1992, they signed to Megaforce Records and released their second self-titled album the following year. They toured with White Zombie, Danzig, Flotsam and Jetsam, Mindfunk, and performed on the 1992 Lollapalooza side stage. Videos for "F Sharp" and "Buffalo" appeared on MTV's Headbangers Ball, 120 Minutes and Beavis and Butt-head.

The band was known for dark, earthy atmospherics combining guitar feedback, attacks of wah-wah, tribal/teutonic rhythms, rolling basslines, and wavering, lyrically obscured vocals. Combining musical styles from rock to metal, from alternative to psychedelic, all the while infusing feedback throughout.

Nudeswirl disbanded in 1995 after their only major label release. Considered a cult band almost 20 years later, other bands such as Tool and Radiohead cite Nudeswirl amongst their influences[citation needed] and they have been hailed by Perry Farrell[citation needed], John Frusciante[citation needed], and the Edge[citation needed]. Nudeswirl's CD has been out of print, which relegates them further into the depths of cult obscurity. Guitarist Dizzy Cortright went on to play with The Mad Daddies. Vocalist/guitarist Shane M. Green went on to play with Slaprocket and Lord Sterling. Bassist Chris Wargo formed his band Love Gas and opened Gas Works recording studio.

The last known performance by the band was a reunion show in the mid-2000s at The Court Tavern in New Brunswick, New Jersey. A video exists of the band playing the Dynamo Open Air Festival[citation needed] in the Netherlands in front of 30,000 people and an MTV Europe interview exists as well[citation needed].

Group members[edit]

  • Dizzy Cortright (guitar)
  • Shane M. Green (vocals/guitars)
  • Woody Newland (drums)
  • Chris Wargo (bass/background vocals)
  • Mike Toro (drums) 1989-91


Nudeswirl (1989)[edit]

Cover for 1989 album
  1. "Fuck Sharp"
  2. "Emily"
  3. "Hand in the Mattress"
  4. "17th Century Orgy"
  5. "What She Wants"
  6. "Toranamo"
  7. "Sooner or Later"
  8. "Fire and Flames"
  9. "Cigarette"
  10. "Naked"

Nudeswirl (1993)[edit]