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Nudgee Beach
Nudgee Beach, Queensland 052013 491.jpg
The beach at low tide, 2013
Nudgee Beach is located in Queensland
Nudgee Beach
Nudgee Beach
Coordinates27°21′14″S 153°05′48″E / 27.3539°S 153.0968°E / -27.3539; 153.0968 (Nudgee Beach (centre of suburb))Coordinates: 27°21′14″S 153°05′48″E / 27.3539°S 153.0968°E / -27.3539; 153.0968 (Nudgee Beach (centre of suburb))
Population263 (2016 census)[1]
 • Density39.8/km2 (103.2/sq mi)
Area6.6 km2 (2.5 sq mi)
Time zoneAEST (UTC+10:00)
Location17.9 km (11 mi) NW of Brisbane GPO
LGA(s)City of Brisbane
(Northgate Ward)[2]
State electorate(s)Nudgee
Federal division(s)Lilley
Suburbs around Nudgee Beach:
Shorncliffe Moreton Bay Moreton Bay
Boondall Nudgee Beach Moreton Bay
Nudgee Brisbane Airport Brisbane Airport

Nudgee Beach is a suburb and beach in the City of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.[3][4] In the 2016 census, the suburb had a population of 263 people.[1]


Aerial view of Nudgee Beach (foreground), Kedron Book, Brisbane Airport, 2006
Mouth of Nudgee Creek

The suburb is 17.9 kilometres (11 mi) north-west of the Brisbane central business district. The suburb is bounded to the north-east by Moreton Bay, to the south-west by Kedron Brook (27°22′23″S 153°06′23″E / 27.3731°S 153.1065°E / -27.3731; 153.1065 (Kedron Brook)), to the south-west by the Gateway Motorway, and to the north-west by Nundah Creek (27°20′09″S 153°05′01″E / 27.3357°S 153.0836°E / -27.3357; 153.0836 (Nundah Creek)).[5] Directly to the south is Brisbane Airport.[5]

Nudgee Creek rises in Nudgee to the west and meanders through Nudgee Beach where it enters Moreton Bay at 27°20′34″S 153°05′39″E / 27.3429°S 153.0941°E / -27.3429; 153.0941 (Nudgee Creek mouth).[5]

There is a small residential area (27°20′45″S 153°06′09″E / 27.3459°S 153.1026°E / -27.3459; 153.1026 (Nudgee Beach residential area)) in the east of the suburb near the beach (27°20′36″S 153°06′03″E / 27.3433°S 153.1009°E / -27.3433; 153.1009 (Nudgee Beach (beach))).[5]

There is a Brisbane City Council waste transfer station (known by the council as a resource recovery centre) in the south of the locality (27°21′40″S 153°06′01″E / 27.3612°S 153.1003°E / -27.3612; 153.1003 (Nudgee Beach Resource Recovery Centre)). The remainder of the locality is mangrove wetlands with the northern part of the suburb being part of the Boondall Wetlands.[5]

There is a network of bike tracks which connect through to Toombul shopping centre.[5]


Nudgee Beach State School additions, July 1950

The name Nudgee comes from the Yuggera word in the Yugarabul dialect, nardha meaning place of ducks, from nar meaning duck and dha meaning place.[3]

Nudgee Beach Provisional School opened on 1 April 1926. In 1946 it became Nudgee Beach State School. It closed on 25 March 1988.[6] In 1989 the school reopened as Nudgee Beach Field Study Centre. In 1992 it was renamed Nudgee Beach Environmental Education Centre.[7]

At the 2011 census Nudgee Beach had a population of 261 people.[8]

In the 2016 census, Nudgee Beach had a population of 263 people.[1]


Former Nudgee Beach State School, 2006

Nudgee Beach Environmental Education Centre is an Outdoor and Environmental Education Centre at 1588 Nudgee Road (27°20′54″S 153°06′18″E / 27.3482°S 153.1049°E / -27.3482; 153.1049 (Nudgee Beach Environmental Education Centre)).[9][10]

There are no schools in Nudgee Beach. The nearest primary and secondary school is Earnshaw State College in Banyo.[5]


There is a boat ramp and floating walkway at Nudgee Beach Road (27°21′46″S 153°06′10″E / 27.3627°S 153.1029°E / -27.3627; 153.1029 (Nudgee Beach boat ramp)) providing access to Kedron Brook.[11]

There are four canoe ramps:[12]


Grey mangroves (Avicennia marina) predominate around Nudgee Creek

In the 2011 census, Nudgee Beach had a population of 261 people; 48.7% female and 51.3% male.

The median age of the Nudgee Beach population was 45 years of age, 8 years above the Australian median. Children aged under 15 years made up 13.8% of the population and people aged 65 years and over made up 17.7% of the population.

77.9% of people living in Nudgee Beach were born in Australia, compared to the national average of 69.8%; the next most common countries of birth were England 4.6%, New Zealand 4.2%, Ireland 2.7%, Germany 1.1%, Papua New Guinea 1.1%.

88.8% of people spoke only English at home; the next most popular languages were 1.9% German, 1.9% Vietnamese, 1.5% Thai, 1.2% Pacific Austronesian Languages.

The median weekly household income in Nudgee Beach was $1,224, very similar to the national median of $1,234.

Nearly all households in Nudgee Beach (97.0%) were separate houses, there were no semi-detached, row or terrace houses, townhouses etc., and no flats, units or apartments, and 3.0% were classified as "other dwellings". The average household size was 2.5 people.[8]


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