Nudie Jeans

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Nudie Jeans
Industry Fashion
Founded 2001
Founder Maria Erixon
Headquarters Gothenburg, Sweden
Key people
Maria Erixon, creative director
Joakim Levin, executive chairman
Palle Stenberg, CEO

Nudie Jeans is a Swedish clothing brand originating in Gothenburg and a subsidiary of Svenska Jeans AB, founded in 2001 by Maria Erixon, a former employee and AD of Lee Europe and Swedish designer JC. As of 2003, the company had 12 employees, revenue of 93 million Swedish kronor and a net income of 13.6 million kronor. 70% of their revenue was generated outside of Sweden.[1] These figures are likely to have increased massively during the past 3 years as the brand has become more popular (in 2004, Nudie's net income increased by 70% [2]).

Nudie specialises in raw and prewashed denim jeans, but the company's collection includes many other items of casual clothing & accessories. In 2003, denim jeans comprised 70% of their total sales. The brand is, alongside Acne Jeans, WESC and J. Lindeberg, one of the most successful new Swedish clothing companies (both domestically & internationally); Nudie clothing retails in over 20 countries.

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