Nuer people

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A Nuer boy
Total population
Approximately 1,800,000 people
Regions with significant populations
South Sudan
Nuer language
African Traditional Religion
Related ethnic groups
Dinka, other Nilotic peoples

The Nuer people are a Nilotic ethnic group primarily inhabiting the Nile Valley. They are concentrated in South Sudan, with some representatives also found in southwestern Ethiopia after they pushed off the Anyuak from their land. They speak the Nuer language, which belongs to the Nilo-Saharan family.

Nuer military and political leaders[edit]

Some important Nuer politicians are Bul Nyawan who fought against the Khartoum government in Bentiu; he was killed in 1985 by the current president of Sudan. Commander Ruai and Leah Diu Deng were responsible for the attack that forced Chevron to suspend activities in the oil field around 1982.

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