Nuestra Belleza Latina 2011

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Nuestra Belleza Latina 2011
Starring Giselle Blondet
Judges Osmel Sousa
Lupita Jones
Julián Gil
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 12
Running time 120 minutes
Original network Univision
Original release March 6 – May 22, 2011
Preceded by Nuestra Belleza Latina 2010
Followed by Nuestra Belleza Latina 2012
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Nuestra Belleza Latina 2011 is the fifth season of Nuestra Belleza Latina and the fifth season to be aired on Univision. The season premiere was on March 6, 2011 at 8pm/7c and the show's finale was Sunday May 22, 2011.

The auditions will be shown Sunday, prior to the final 12 are revealed. Auditions were held in January through February 2011 in five major US cities (Chicago, Illinois; San Antonio, Texas; New York City, New York; Los Angeles, California; Miami, Florida) and in San Juan, Puerto Rico. During the audition process, 73 young women were given passes to the semi-finals in Miami. Two contestants were chosen from online Auditions, with the help of public votes.

The winner of the contest was awarded a contract to be one of the new personality faces on many of Univision's programs and award shows and a chance to win more than $250,000 in cash and prizes; be a correspondent for El Gordo y la Flaca and reign as Nuestra Belleza Latina for a year. As an added bonus, only four contestants were eligible for the prizes in the finale.

Contestant Nastassja Bolívar, representing Nicaragua, won the competition.

2011 Judges[edit]

Judge Occupation Judging Years
Osmel Sousa President of the Miss Venezuela Organization 2007-Present
Lupita Jones Miss Universe 1991 and President of Nuestra Belleza México 2008-Present
Julian Gil Argentine-born Puerto Rican-raised model and actor 2008 & 2010-Present

Changes and contestants[edit]

For the first time, the audience picked the final two contestants to compete in Nuestra Belleza Latina 2011 in an online casting. This will define two seats left vacant to go to Miami. The voting ended February 19 at midnight. Each contestant that wins a challenge will win $10,000 dollars. All four winners, from previous seasons, will do the opening scene and also be mentors for the girls throughout the season. Winner Ana Patricia González will be the co-hostess throughout the competition. A new house will be chosen this year, for the first time the judges may pick one week prior to finale to save both girls from elimination. For the second time, an expulsion occurred. The first time was in 2009, when Puerto Rican Stephanie Figueroa was expelled for disobeying contest rules. This time, Cuban Juliete Cabrera was caught in a sexually explicit photo-shoot scandal. Although the photos were taken prior to the show, the contestant was disqualified and replaced by Semi-Finalist Jenny Arzola who also represented Cuba. For the first time, only four finalists were in the finale. This was achieved by having a double elimination in week seven and adding an entire week of competition. The logo was also altered, having the actual crown used by Ana Patricia Gonzalez replace previous drawing.

Nuestra Belleza Latina 2011
Season 5
Broadcast from March 6 – May 22, 2011
Nastassja Bolivar
Origin  Nicaragua
Gredmarie Colón


Final results Contestant
3rd Place
4th Place
  •  Cuba - Jenny Arzola
5th Place
6th Place
7th Place
8th Place
9th Place
10th Place
11th Place
12th Place
Top 24


  • Juliette Cabrera Cuba-was Disqualified during the third elimination of the series for a nude-photoshoot prior to Nuestra Belleza Latina, which was against the competition rules of exclusivity and non sexual explicit photography prior to the show. Jenny Arzola replaced Juliette.
  • Maribel de Santiago,  Mexico-entered the competition age 27. Celebrated her 28th birthday on April 22, 2011. Making her the oldest contestant ever to be on Nuestra Belleza Latina. And the second to celebrate her birthday during the show(Lissandra de la Cruz-2010).


2011 Auditions:

Audition Date
Chicago, Illinois January 6, 2011
San Antonio, Texas January 15, 2011
Los Angeles, California January 20, 2011
San Juan, Puerto Rico January 29, 2011
New York City February 5, 2011
Miami, Florida February 19, 2011
Online Audition January 6-February 19, 2011

Elimination chart[edit]

Contestants Chart
Top 24 Top 12 Winner 1st Runner-Up
Safe Won the challenge of the week Bottom 3 Bottom 2 Eliminated Re-Entered Disqualified
Stage: Semi-Finals Finals Finale
Week: 3/27 4/3 4/10 4/17 4/24 5/1 5/8 5/15 5/22
Place Contestant Result
1 Nastassja Bolivar Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Won Bottom 3 Safe Bottom 2 Winner
2 Gredmarie Colon Won Won Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Runner-Up
3 Nicole Suarez Safe Bottom 3 Won Bottom 2 Won Safe Safe Won Won 3rd Place
4 Jenny Arzola* Elim Re-Entered* Safe Bottom 2 Bottom 2 Bottom 2 Safe 4th Place
5 Miriam Hernandez Safe Won Safe Safe Safe Safe Won Safe 5th Place
6 Patricia Corcino Safe Bottom 2 Safe Won Bottom 2 Safe Safe 6th Place
7 Diana Cano Safe Won Bottom 3 Bottom 3 Bottom 3 Bottom 3 7th Place
8 Maribel De Santiago Safe Won Safe Safe Safe 8th Place
9 Darla Delgado Safe Safe Safe Safe 9th Place
10 Jocell Villa Safe Won Bottom 2 10th Place
DQ Juliete Cabrera Safe Safe Safe Disqualified
11 Paulette Acosta Safe Won 11th Place
12 Yahaira Nuñez Safe 12th Place
14-24 Sonia Rivera Elim
Hanna Tejada
Saidee Collado
Audris Rijo
Alexandra Olavarría
Yashira Ayala
Fabiola González
Vivian Valadez
Deyanira Díaz
Carol Ramos
Ana Valencia
Juliete Cabrera
  • * Semi-Finalist, Jenny Arzola was the replacement for Juliete Cabrera's Expulsion.
  • ** and '''DQ''' Juliete Cabrera was Eliminated after the publication of her sexual explicit photos.

Countries Being Represented[edit]

CPW Country Position Year
Previously Won
1 2 3 4 6 7 8(Finale)
YesY Nicaragua Nicaragua 4th 1st 2nd 3rd 2nd 4th 4th 4th 2nd 2nd Winner 2011
YesY Puerto Rico Puerto Rico 6th 3rd 1st 6th 1st 2nd 5th 1st 1st 1st 2nd 2008
Colombia Colombia 5th 2nd 4th 4th 3rd 1st 2nd 2nd 3rd 3rd TBA
YesY Cuba Cuba 1st 4th 6th 2nd 5th 5th 4th 3rd 4th 2009
YesYYesY Mexico Mexico 2nd 6th 5th 1st 6th 3rd 1st 5th 2007 and 2010
Ecuador Ecuador 3rd 5th 3rd 5th 4th 6th TBA
Dominican Republic Dominican Republic 7th TBA
  • Eliminated
  • First Place
  • Winner
  • Runner-Up
  • CPW: Countries Previously won
  • YesY: Countries Previously won

You're the 4th Judge[edit]

In this new season of Nuestra Belleza Latina, the public served as the fourth judge. For the first time, online voting decided two seats left vacant in Miami. The voting ended February 19 at midnight. Both contestants made it to top 24

Girls Chosen(03/20/11):

Contestant Age Country of Origin
1 Vivian Valadez 24  Mexico
2 Carol Ramos 24  Puerto Rico


Season 5, Episode 1: Casting in Los Angeles, Puerto Rico, Chicago, San Antonio, New York and Miami[edit]

Original Air Date—6 March 2011 The best of the auditions held in ALL Auditions. Los Angeles, Puerto Rico, Chicago, San Antonio, New York and Miami.

The Guest Judges were:

Judge Audition Place
Eddie 'Piolin' Sotelo Los Angeles
Julian Gil Puerto Rico and New York City
Jackie Guerrido Chicago
Vadhir Derbez Texas
Carlos Calderón Miami

The following contestants were chosen:

Contestant Age Country of Origin Audition Place
Jocell Villa 19 Mexico Los Angeles
Vanessa Arriola 20 Mexico Los Angeles
Joselin Carrera 22 Mexico Los Angeles
Claudia Carlos 18 Mexico Los Angeles
Sonia Rivera 19 Mexico Los Angeles
Yashira Ayala 24 Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
Patricia Corcino 22 Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
Gredmarie Colón* 22 Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
Natasha Ramos 22 Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
Nicole Suarez 19 Colombia Chicago
Veronica Mayorca 25 Mexico Chicago
Stefani Llinas 24 Colombia New York
Audris Rijo Gomes 25 Dominican Republic New York
Altrais Jarono 18 Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic New York
Natalie Colon 18 Dominican Republic New York
Diana Cano 24 Ecuador New York
Miriam Hernandez 21 Mexico Texas
Carol Ramos 24 Puerto Rico Online Audition
Vivian Valadez 24 Mexico Online Audition
Alejandra Leal 23 Venezuela Miami
Adrializ Gonzalez 18 Cuba Miami
Maribel De Santiago* 27 Mexico ALL (Miami)

Contestants notes[edit]

Season 5, Episode 2: 89 Contestants,Group 1-From 24 to 12[edit]

Original Air Date—13 March 2011 The 89 selected girls go to Miami. They receive classes and hit the runway for the first time. The judges eliminate 12 of them. While for some girls the joy of being in continuous Nuestra Belleza Latina, others were overcome by sadness to know that their participation in the show was over. After winning the passes during the auditions, but choose to travel to Miami and some said goodbye to his dream of becoming the new queen. This week came more than fifteen girls during rehearsals and diction classes. In addition to tears, this show was full of challenges and Prince Royce came to put the musical touch to the song that users chose to inaugurate the show. Since arriving in Miami the girls began a strong training classes in diction, choreography and gateway. Some failed to give teachers the length and therefore another group of girls left the competition on Monday. Besides beauty and intelligence, the next queen has to be a talented girl. That's why the judges were asked to submit their special talents. Those that did not meet the expectations of the judges also had to say goodbye. In this first gala after mass disposal, there were only 12 girls, who before the judges, the audience and viewers had to explain why they want to be the next Nuestra Belleza Latina and then paraded for the first time in this competition in bikini. Natacha and Altagracia, two heartbreaking goodbyes. It is never easy to dismiss the girls when judges decide to end their dream, but is even more difficult when the cause of this output is health. This week the show was hit with two important players for this reason. Natacha Rodríguez, Puerto Rican whose story touched our hearts during the first show, underwent medical examination and found to be five weeks pregnant. This forced the production to end his stay in Miami as the most important thing is your health and your baby. The story of Altagracia is even more heartbreaking. The medical examination determined that Bianca has Lupus, a disease that affects the defense and that she hid all suffering from life threatening. She had not said anything to her mother because she was afraid to disappoint. Who would say that the production Altagracia her mother traveled to Miami to surprise her and say that beyond disappointment, I was very proud of her. Look at photos. He also made official judges and teachers at this gala, the experts take care and polish every aspect of the life and career of the applicants. Osmel Sousa, Lupita Jones and Julian Gil will, as always, that every girl must decide whether or not we look at the queen.Leonardo Rocco, the talented hairdresser and stylist, and his team will be responsible for transforming the girls for each gala. To transform their bodies no better than Jose Fernandez, who will put participants to breaking a sweat during workouts. And we will have everything that happens in the classroom.

Group 1:

# Contestant Age Country of Origin Audition Place
24 Nastassja Bolivar 22  Nicaragua Miami
4 Natasha Rodriguez* 23  Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
1 Diana Cano 24  Ecuador New York
3 Miriam Hernandez 21  Mexico Texas
2 Nicole Suarez 19  Colombia Los Angeles
25 Vanessa Reyes 22  El Salvador Chicago
29 Joseline Farrera 21  Mexico Los Angeles
30 Juliete Cabrera 23  Cuba Miami
42 Patricia Cardona 26  Colombia Miami
40 Vanessa Arriola 20  Mexico Los Angeles
32 Zuleidy Cirino 22  Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
33 Ruth Fabiny 25  Paraguay Chicago
36 Yahaira Nuñes 24  Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
11 Diane Ocañe 24  Puerto Rico New York
12 Hanna Tejada 24  Mexico Los Angeles
5 Veronica Mayorga 25  Mexico Chicago
14 Bruna Silva 22  Brazil Texas
9 Altagracia Garcia* 18  Puerto Rico|  Dominican Republic New York
13 Patricia Corcino* 24  Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
17 Darla Delgado 22  Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
8 Saidee Collado 22  Mexico|  Cuba Miami
10 Sonia Rivera 19  Mexico Los Angeles
15 Maribel De Santiago 27  Mexico All (Chosen in Miami)

Contestants notes[edit]

  • Natasha Gonzalez, Quit after finding out she was 5 weeks pregnant.
  • Altagracia Garcia, Quit do exhaustion, caused by her illness, Lupus.
  • Patricia Corcino, Auditioned for Nuestra Belleza Latina 2010 but did not make it to the final 12.

12 Chosen:

# Contestant Age Country of Origin Audition Place
13 Patricia Corcino 24  Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
36 Yahaira Nuñes 24  Dominican Republic New York
10 Sonia Rivera 19  Mexico Los Angeles
30 Juliete Cabrera 23  Cuba Miami
2 Nicole Suarez 19  Colombia Chicago
1 Diana Cano 24  Ecuador New York
17 Darla Delgado 22  Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
24 Nastassja Bolivar 22  Nicaragua Miami
12 Hanna Tejada 24  Mexico Los Angeles
8 Saidee Collado 22  Mexico|  Cuba Miami
3 Miriam Hernandez 21  Mexico Texas
15 Maribel De Santiago 27  Mexico All (Chosen in Miami)

Season 5, Episode 3: Group 2 - From 24 to 12[edit]

Original Air Date—20 March 2011 The 57 remaining girls are divided in groups to perform one last time for the judges before the show on Sunday. The judges eliminate 33 leaving the top 24 girls from group 2. Four groups have musical numbers and the other four acting scenes. The girls get critiqued and slowly start narrowing down the group. At the end of the show, the judges eliminate 12 girls, Leaving Top 12 from group 2. Twelve girls were chosen in the second group and I only have 24 but there's a problem ... in the mansion there is only room for 12. We were the second group of girls since arriving in Miami and among them were the two winners of our Virtual Casting, Vivian Valadez and Carol Ramos.Giselle opened the show by introducing the judges Julián Gil, Lupita Jones and Osmel Sousa. Osmel said he would not to comment during the night and thank goodness it would be discreet.When he opened his mouth was to be hoped that two girls drowned, to say ugly to another and to ask a group of girls were imprisoned by bad actresses.The second group girls were presented one by one, parading in their finery and learned a little more theatrical skills in acting exercises. It was obvious rivalry between the girls in the first group and second. When newly arrived in Miami were suffering in his first exercise class with Joseph, the girls in the first group were to spy and do not see why I put smilies. But if you looked hard exercise class, the geography was shameful. The poor Osmel was nerves because several of the girls could not identify America on the map. Compared the knowledge production of the girls against Emma, a girl of eight years, which proved to be better educated than them.And from the evil drink that was the geography class to something more pleasant, it was seeing girls in bikinis. The judges initially threw out the second group girls in bikinis and you have, one by one, all the photos as Osmel saw them in trials.The show was full of energy with a performance by Gloria Trevi and the great song "I laugh at you", which he dedicated to Osmel think the dunce cap or they put the girls in class. You can not imagine the marathon in tears to see so many girls was crying when production allowed them to call their loved ones goodbye and confiscated their phones.Tears, emotion, but everything is for the dream of the crown.For the first time all season that the sisters had to vote between them to eliminate one. The two girls faced more votes to go to the jury and they decided not to save either.

Group 2:

# Contestant Age Country of Origin Audition Place
58 Jocell Villa 19  Mexico Los Angeles
53 Paulette Acosta 19  Mexico Miami
80 Jessica Sepúlveda 19  Colombia New York
65 Graciela Montenegro 20  Guatemala New York
61 Deyanira Díaz 26  Cuba Miami
73 Laurita Rodríguez 25  Mexico Texas
48 Yashira Ayala 24  Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
89 Vivian Valadez* 24  Mexico Online Audition
55 Jenny Arzola 22  Cuba New York
68 Alexandra Olavarría 26  Venezuela Miami
54 Gredmarie Colón * 22  Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
49 Yhoana Martínez 22  Mexico Chicago
56 Fabiola González 25  Mexico Chicago
52 Audris Rijo 25  Dominican Republic New York
50 Betzabe Arzola 21  Venezuela Los Angeles
84 Roxana Lucero 23  Mexico|  Nicaragua Los Angeles
85 Erica Fulcar 23  Dominican Republic New York
60 Leslie Galarreta 24  Peru Texas
45 Adrialys Gutiérrez 18  Cuba Miami
88 Carol Ramos* 24  Puerto Rico Online Audition
63 Ana Valencia 24  Mexico Los Angeles
67 Eliana Moreno 25  Colombia Texas
76 Tessy Acevedo 20  Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
71 Claudia Carlos 18  Mexico Los Angeles

Contestants notes[edit]

  • Gredmarie Colon, auditioned for Nuestra Belleza Latina 2010. She got the pass to Miami, but was voted off in Top 20.
  • Vivian Valadez and Carol Ramos are the 2 contestants selected from Online Auditions.

12 Chosen:

# Contestant Age Country of Origin Audition Place
52 Audris Rijo 25  Dominican Republic New York
68 Alexandra Olavarría 26  Venezuela Miami
48 Yashira Ayala 24  Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
56 Fabiola González 25  Mexico Chicago
89 Vivian Valadez 24  Mexico Online Audition
55 Jenny Arzola 22  Cuba New York
58 Jocell Villa 19  Mexico Los Angeles
61 Deyanira Díaz 26  Cuba Miami
53 Paulette Acosta 19  Mexico Miami
88 Carol Ramos 24  Puerto Rico Online Audition
63 Ana Valencia 24  Mexico Los Angeles
54 Gredmarie Colón 22  Puerto Rico Puerto Rico

Season 5, Episode 4: The Top 24 have been chosen[edit]

Original Air Date—27 March 2011 The 24 remaining girls from both group 1 and 2 face the judges one more time to receive their final evaluation. At elimination 12 girls are eliminated, and Leaving the Top 12 for the Main Competition. There were thousands that attended the hearings, hundreds of which reached a pass to see Lupita and Osmel, more than eighty who arrived at the final hearing in Miami, 24 which left the judges last week and today, after your votes, we know the 12 participants of Nuestra Belleza Latina 2011.Y when we thought the show could not get more infartante events occur as took place during the fourth Gala Nuestra Belleza Latina 2011.La Audris waiver for an emergency Rijo Family demoralized his followers (sorry Rodner Figueroa) and the Dominican Republic to bet on its beauty and charisma to take the crown 2011.De something positive came out negative is that Audris will bye next year if he wants to run back to the show. We wish him well and soon settled its emergence familiar.El drama did not end there. When the three girls were announced most voted by the audience what was the surprise Maribel Santiago, the "ugly duckling" of the group that featured six auditions and was rejected in all but the last, went to the mansion. Osmel Sousa failed with indignation, lifted up his things and left the studio! The other two girls with the most votes were Darla Delgado and Gredmarie Colón.La continued tension and nerves because there were nine girls to be announced. Your Sunday's vote determined who would be the lucky 12 who entered the house and will have to compete every Sunday, for the crown of Nuestra Belleza Latina 2011.Antes the big announcement, the guys from Rakim y Ken Y delighted us with pace soothing the nerves that breathed in the study. And the time and here are the 12 participants.Before the fourth show, the 24 finalists received makeovers of the magic hand of the hairdresser of the stars, Leonardo Rocco and his team games, Rocco Donna. Also posed for a bikini session where they had to demonstrate his charisma and attitude when posing in front of a camera with so little clothing. Carol and Vivian Valadez Ramos sent his video to Virtual Casting Nuestra Belleza Latina and were selected by the judges and for you to enter the mansion. They passed the first round in Miami and have been following your adventure during these weeks but today it was his time to leave because they were not selected among the 12 participantes.Las of luck like the other girls who did not go to the mansion and they send a lot of courage and perseverance. Never give up, look what he accomplished for Gredmarie and Maribel.

  • Challenge of the week winner: Gredmarie Colon
  • Guest Artist:R.K.M & Ken-Y
  • First Call-Out (At the Final Runway): Maribel De Santiago
  • Eliminated: Sonia Rivera, Hanna Tejada, Saidee Collado, Audris Rijo, Alexandra Olavarría, Yashira Ayala, Fabiola González, Vivian Valadez, Jenny Arzola, Deyanira Díaz, Carol Ramos, Ana Valencia

Top 24 Semifinalists:

# Contestant Age Country of Origin Audition Place
13 Patricia Corcino 24  Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
36 Yahaira Nuñes 24  Dominican Republic New York
10 Sonia Rivera 19  Mexico Los Angeles
30 Juliete Cabrera 23  Cuba Miami
2 Nicole Suarez 19  Colombia Los Angeles
1 Diana Cano 24  Ecuador New York
17 Darla Delgado 22  Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
24 Nastassja Bolivar 22  Nicaragua Los Angeles
12 Hanna Tejada 24  Mexico Los Angeles
8 Saidee Collado 22  Mexico|  Cuba Miami
3 Miriam Hernandez 21  Mexico Texas
15 Maribel De Santiago 27  Mexico All (Chosen in Miami)
52 Audris Rijo 25  Dominican Republic New York
68 Alexandra Olavarría 26  Venezuela Miami
48 Yashira Ayala 24  Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
56 Fabiola González 25  Mexico Chicago
89 Vivian Valadez 24  Mexico Online Audition
55 Jenny Arzola 22  Cuba New York
58 Jocell Villa 19  Mexico Los Angeles
61 Deyanira Díaz 26  Cuba Miami
53 Paulette Acosta 19  Mexico Miami
88 Carol Ramos 24  Puerto Rico Online Audition
63 Ana Valencia 24  Mexico Los Angeles
54 Gredmarie Colón 22  Puerto Rico Puerto Rico

Final 12:

Contestant Age Country Representing
Maribel De Santiago 27  Mexico
Darla Delgado 22  Puerto Rico
Gredmarie Colón* 22  Puerto Rico
Jocell Villa 19  Mexico
Paulette Acosta 19  Mexico
Yahaira Nuñes 24  Dominican Republic
Nicole Suarez 19  Colombia
Miriam Hernandez 21  Mexico
Juliete Cabrera 23  Cuba
Diana Cano 24  Ecuador
Patricia Corcino 24  Puerto Rico
Nastassja Bolivar 22  Nicaragua

Contestant notes[edit]

  • Gredmarie, is married to Alexis. Vocalist of Reggaeton duo Alexis & Fido

Season 5, Episode 5: Deadly Runway[edit]

Original Air Date—3 April 2011 The Top 12 girls Move into the Mansion have their first official challenge. At panel one of the girls is eliminated.This week's show started with 12 participants from Nuestra Belleza Latina 2011 and his first days at the mansion, but after today's challenge, and there are only 11.Yahaira Núñez was eliminated after getting the least amount of points in the test Jueces.Cada Sunday all the girls in the competition will go through an individual event which takes place live on stage. Each participant must comply with the request by the jury and then performing the test will receive a numerical rating (each judge calls from 1 to 10, although Osmel Sousa is the only one with a zero). After everyone has finished have been tested and qualified judges will score the percentage of ratings they have received from the panel with the percentage of votes from the audience. The three candidates who obtain the lowest overall percentage will be in danger of eliminación.El first challenge was the gateway evil in which participants had to walk down a catwalk that ran throughout this challenge velocidad.Durante Yahaira Núñez Patricia Corcoran and lost his balance and fell and stumbled and Nicole Smith showed insecurity, so the three were amenazadas.En this season the judges will have an opportunity to save two girls during these challenges but Osmel Sousa, Lupita Jones and Julian Gil decided to keep the lifeline for another time and not save the Venezuelan Yahaira Núñez.Recordemos beauty czar and chairman of the jury Osmel Sousa showed great indignation at the gala evening and resigned when he learned that the public had chosen as finalista.Durante Maribel Santiago Sunday's show Giselle Blondet presented Julián Gil, oranges lace dress that looked like a Halloween cabalaza, the beautiful Lupita Jones, and when he announced the foreman came out, nothing more and nothing less than the public Figueroa.El Rodner fashionista the study could not believe it and we all thought for a moment that really Osmel Sousa had given the show, but then appeared with his temper as ever, mocking Salt and Pimienta.Insistimos, this more than a beauty pageant and talent is becoming a more addictive telenovela Eva trials Friday Luna.Durante Jocell Villa fainted and had to spend the night in a hospital, but everything seems to be due to fatigue and stress. Miriam Hernandez also suffered a minor panic attack or stress, but both were recovered during the show.Quién think that compete in Nuestra Belleza Latina is a matter to smile and pose are watching the wrong show. Participants meet a strict regimen of exercises, classes and rehearsals during the week starting at six in the two weeks mañana.Durante gave you the opportunity to vote for the artists you'd like to see singing in Nuestra Belleza Latina and the first round Lucero.Y won that poll who sang on the show? Lucero and as extra bonus if this was a little too Hernández.La Larry sang last week the 12 finalists for Nuestra Belleza Latina entered the house after months of having entered incertidumbre.La illusion did not last. The coexistence of the girls was full of stress and tension as they were informed that the next would come the primera.Además gala, held their first challenge of the season where they were divided into two groups and which won the group azul.En mansion remain a week Jocell Villa, Paulette Acosta, Diana Cano, Nastassja Bolivar, Miriam Hernandez, Darla Delgado, Julieta Cabrera, Nicole Smith, Patricia Corcoran, Maribel Santiago, Gredmarie Colon.

  • Challenge of the week winner: Maribel de Santiago, Gredmarie Colon, Diana Cano, Josell Villa, Miriam Hernandez and Paulette Acosta
  • Guest Artist: Lucero and Larry Hernandez
  • Mini-Challenge Winner: "Deadly Runway" Nastassja Bolivar
  • First Call-Out (At the Final Runway): Juliete Cabrera
  • Given the opportunity to save fellow Contestant: Diana Cano
  • Bottom Three: Patricia Corcino, Nicole Suarez and Yahaira Nuñes
  • Sent to bottom two by Viewers Lowest Percentage of votes: Patricia Corcino 4.0%
  • Sent to bottom two by fellow Contestants: Yahaira Nuñes
  • Saved by the Judges: Patricia Corcino
  • Eliminated: Yahaira Nuñes

Season 5, Episode 6: Backstabbing, Pole Dancing and Mud[edit]

Original Air Date—10 April 2011 The 11 remaining girls hit the runway for an amazing week. At panel one of the girls is eliminated. Another week cardiac output Paulette Acosta, Giselle dancing with the girls and the pace of Tito el Bambino marked the sixth show of Nuestra Belleza Latina 2011. The 11 participants were subjected to two major tests during the week: report from a construction site through any obstacle and a pole dancing sensual dance where they had to demonstrate their agility as athletes and dancers at the challenge of pole dancing. Pretty generally conductive, Giselle Blondet, is responsible for encouraging girls during the tests but this time wanted to show solidarity with them and learn the choreography of the show opening. The audience went crazy when Giselle went to the dance floor to shake your hips to the rhythm of mambo and demonstrate that if they compete, the girls would be in serious trouble to snatch the crown. This challenge was held secret for a week and eleven girls did not know what to expect when they arrived at the location, in miniskirts and heels. Once there were reported to be reported from a construction site without suspecting that the production would submit to all sorts of obstacles to measuring the calm before the cameras in front of unexpected situations. When Nuestra Belleza Latina participants were in full report at all surprised by the sound of a drilling machine that kept driving their interviews or listen to their interviews. All of them will cast a valde of water and mud as they were about to close his report that helped the jury to measure who responded and who are naturally frozen on camera. If you thought the treacherous catwalk last week was difficult, the challenges of this week confirmed that this competition is getting tougher. During the week the candidates had to rehearse sexy choreography, in which used as tools from chairs to a tube, activity that was not all easy because each had to demonstrate physical dexterity and could not always look as seductive as intended. Our dear Charytín was encouraging them and watching their development to qualify. Diana Cano was really distressed testing tube and surprised all with his shyness and concern about what your coworkers think of her Wall Street. Darla proved to be the most agile of the group, and a good companion to teach Gredmarie their best moves. After the challenges came time to decide. They announced the candidate with fewer votes from the public and the two who had received worse grades on the challenges. The girl with the fewest public votes was Paulette Acosta, and she joined Villa and Diana Cano Jocell with lower qualifications. It's time for the girls to save someone and no one would believe to be saved. Nothing more, nothing less than Diana Cano, the most direct of all participants. In front of the judges were Jocell and Paulette Villa Acosta, the latter being the judges decided to eliminate. We are consenting to our audience and because you asked Tito "El Bambino" will be responsible to make everyone dance to its rhythm. So do not forget to vote for your artist consented to appear at the next gala.The first intrigues and rivalries between Jocell Villa, Paulette Acosta, Diana Cano, Maribel Santiago, Nastassja Bolivar, Miriam Hernandez, Darla Delgado, Julieta Cabrera, Nicole Smith, Patricia Corcoran and Columbus Gredmarie have already emerged, but who of them will next to leave? Hopefully your good luck charms they can use to continue in the competition.

  • Challenge of the week winner: Nicole Suarez
  • Guest Artist: Tito El Bambino
  • Mini-Challenge Winner: "Pole Dancing" Patricia Corcino (29 points)
  • First Call-Out (At the Final Runway): Nastassja Bolivar
  • Given the opportunity to save fellow Contestant: Nicole Suarez
  • Bottom Three: Jocell Villa, Diana Cano and Paulette Acosta
  • Sent to bottom two by Viewers Lowest Percentage of votes: Paulette Acosta 3.8%
  • Sent to bottom two by fellow Contestants: Jocell Villa
  • Saved by the Judges: Jocell Villa
  • Eliminated: Paulette Acosta

Season 5, Episode 7: Expulsion, Reptiles and Drama[edit]

Original Air Date—17 April 2011 The 10 remaining girls hit the runway for an amazing week. Someone gets expelled due to breaking rules. Someone from their past returns into the competition. Members of the production are just as surprised as you, threatening to have a heart attack if this season continues with the weekly riots which completely change the dynamics of each domingo. Embarazos Nuestra Belleza Latina hidden illness, resignations and Rijo Audris Osmel Sousa and this week the scandal that forced Cabrera to leave the competition. Before addressing the issue of Juliette, we saw what happened in the week. There's tests of skill and there is evidence of honesty. And in the latter won, surprise, Diana Cano. The girls had to write a private letter several truths of others and of themselves without knowing that such contents be revealed to all. And what's that ensued when revelaron.Maribel of Santiago lost her temper and Diana Cano accused of being a liar, screaming. Diana Cano did not pay much attention because in this show with great sadness she was reminded of her ex-boyfriend and shed many tears for him showing that she is vulnerable and has a good heart. The girls were asked to seal their letters and pledge their veracity and only Diana Cano had the courage to seal her letter with her name. Although Miriam Hernández seemed shy and coy, she left all the girls shocked. This week Miriam and Juliette had a heated argument. Miriam called Juliette a "prostitute" and Juliette threw water at Miriam, causing Miriam to react by throwing a plate of food at Miriam. The challenge of the week was marred by some compromising photos of Juliette Cabrera that emerged in social networks and the internet. Juliette posed suggestively and production met to define whether this violated the official rules of competition must abide by all the judges participantes. Los Cabrera explained that Juliet was not on trial for his life, but for violating the rules and because the public viralizó their photos by creating this scandal. Production determined that her photos were objectionable and that they violated the rules that they all signed up to participate in the competition as Juliet Cabrera left the competencia.Pero which would be the surprise when he left Juliet Cabrera announced the entry of a of the girls that was previously deleted. Who would? Before this big announcement, we review the challenge of chicas.El Nuestra Belleza Latina challenge this week was won by which they were physically better prepared because they had to imitate the training routine performed by the Fire Department Broward County. It was not only so, but do it as fast possible. The participants faced an extreme challenge in a large building where there was everything: a lot of weight on the body, a dark room, alleged victims, a lot of adrenaline and physical exertion, but next to very handsome men. The success of the test depended on the ability of girls to work in pairs (although some were uneven). Production divided them: Juliet Cabrera and Miriam Hernandez, Diana Maribel Cano and Santiago, Gredmarie Columbus and Nicole Smith, Darla Delgado and finally Villa Jocell Nastassja Bolivar and Patricia Corcino. The winners were Patricia Corcino and Nastassja Bolivar who were rewarded with a dinner with Alejandro Chaban and assist Giselle Blondet at the Mana concert in Miami.

The music guest was Joey Montana who sang his song "Ta Melodía". The competition was made more difficult as former 2003 Miss Universe Amelia Vega from the Dominican Republic announced the challenge of the week. Amelia was like a fairy godmother for girls and accompanied them during their visit to the Miami Zoo to test the challenge of judges and that was the wildest of the season. The test was to enter a cave with reptiles; Nastassja Bolivar stopped to cry because she has a phobia of snakes. A paramedic had to measure her tension in the dressing room to monitor their anxiety, but found that was able to continue. Curiously, despite her fear, Nastassja Bolivar won the second best score for this challenge with 26 points after Darla Delgado who scored 28 points. Jocell Villa received the lowest score, followed by Nicole Suarez and Diana Cano. Nicole Suarez and Jocell Villa were in front of the judges and they saved Nicole Suarez. With much pain the show said goodbye to the beautiful Jocell Villa.

  • Challenge of the week winner: Patricia Corcino and Nastassja Bolivar
  • Guest Artist: Maná and Joe Montana
  • Mini-Challenge Winner: "Reptile Cave/Amazonian Interview" Darla Delgado
  • First Call-Out (At the Final Runway): Gredmarie Colon
  • Given the opportunity to save fellow Contestant: Nastassja Bolivar
  • Bottom Three: Diana Cano, Nicole Suarez, Jocell Villa
  • Sent to bottom two by Viewers Lowest Percentage of votes: Nicole Suarez 8.6%
  • Sent to bottom two by fellow Contestants: Jocell Villa
  • Saved by the Judges: Nicole Suarez
  • Re-Entered the Competition: Jenny Arzola
  • Automatic Expulsion: Juliete Cabrera
  • Eliminated: Jocell Villa

Season 5, Episode 8: Knock out, Acting, Cereza("Teresa") and Kisses[edit]

Original Air Date—24 April 2011 The 9 remaining girls hit the runway for an amazing week. At panel one of the girls is eliminated. Julián Gil's anger when Macho Camacho put his fist in his face, the big kiss Giselle Blondet Sebastián Rulli during a spontaneous action scene, the dance between commercial Lupita, Osmel, Julian and the alleged girlfriend Marjorie . And among all the show that gave us the judges and the driver, one of the girls won $10.000 on the challenge of the week, all boxed, served with black wig and one of them played a production fue.Finalmente fantasy girls : stick a fist in a boxing ring! Miriam Hernandez Nicole Smith hit very hard, if I wanted to hit Diana Cano according to comments he made about her and Latinos who use implants to increase her bust. He said he would have loved to hit the implants and the Corcoran extensiones.Patricia hit Darla Delgado without even suspecting that the two would eventually removed during the show. Jenny Arzola and Maribel Santiago fought in his first challenge of the competition, which came last week when Juliet Cabrera was thrown out of Nuestra Belleza Latina. Some pictures objectionable she did before entering the show appeared on network and violated the rules of the worst competencia.Pero standing in the boxing challenge was Judge Julian Gil, who competed against the boxer 'El Macho' Camacho in began as a demonstration of taps until Julian wanted to make the brave and gave a heavy blow. The Macho unleashed his animal instincts and started golpearlo.Julián Gil was grievous in the gym and yelled "bully" the boxer, who in turn gave him an actor Sebastián Rulli empujón.El novel Teresa participated in the challenge of judges and helped the girls to practice their scripts for the special guests were girls Horoscopos de Durango, Vicky and Marisol, who put a lot of rhythm to the show and gave good advice to the finalists. The live audience at the show's taping couldn't believed what happened during the breaks. It became a party when Lupita Jones got on top of the judges' table and danced to Shakira's song "Loca/Crazy." Giselle Blondet and Osmel Sousa danced and paraded down the catwalk killed in laughter, and Julian Gil was called by Giselle to dance with his girlfriend, Venezuelan actress Marjorie Sousa. The challenge was to play Cherry, a wannabe star of Teresa, and all they had to interpret the scene with the same dress and the same wig. The first was Maribel Santiago who cried throughout her performance and received the lowest score of the judges. Diana Cano received the worst score of the judges and the dreaded zero Osmel Sousa. Miriam Hernandez, Patricia Corcoran, Columbus and Nasstassja Gredmarie Bolivar stressed in their interpretation and the new, Jenny Arzola, hit a kiss so passionate Sebastián Rulli Julian Gil shrugged off points for "aggressive." But when Giselle Blondet improvised their own scene with Sebastián Rulli and ended up kissing passionately in the studio audience went wild and applauded Giselle. The inevitable sadness of seeing a girl leave the competition finally arrived. The girl with the fewest votes from the public was Patricia Corcino. The remaining two girls who were threatened were Darla Delgado and Diana Cano. Darla Delgado and Patricia Corcino were sent in front of the judges, who decided not to use the wild card that allows them to save two girls instead of one. The judges decided to save Patricia Corcino and eliminated Darla Delgado.

  • Challenge of the week winner: Nicole Suarez
  • Guest Artist: Los Horóscopos de Durango
  • Guest Celebrity in Challenge: Sebastián Rulli
  • Mini-Challenge Winner: "Cereza" Gredmarie Colon
  • First Call-Out (At the Final Runway): Miriam Hernandez
  • Given the opportunity to save fellow Contestant: Nicole Suarez
  • Bottom Three: Diana Cano, Patricia Corcino, Darla Delgado
  • Sent to bottom two by Viewers Lowest Percentage of votes: Patricia Corcino
  • Sent to bottom two by fellow Contestants: Tied. Darla Delgado 9.1%, Diana Cano 10%
  • Saved by the Judges: Patricia Corcino
  • Eliminated: Darla Delgado

Season 5, Episode 9: Beauty Dancing with the stars...[edit]

Original Air Date—1 May 2011 The 8 remaining girls hit the runway for an amazing week. At panel shocking news occurred when Maribel De Santiago, one of the most loved constestants, was eliminated. The night began with a "dance of opening" between the participants and 8 Univision talent who were invited to dance with the contestants. Also, the announcement was made that four members of Nuestra Belleza Latina are part of the 50 Most Beautiful People in Spanish : Giselle Blondet, Lupita Jones, Julian Gil and Gredmarie Colon. The challenge of the week was sponsored by Subway and dealt with a good diet combined with exercise. All the beauties were given the mission to conduct a cooking show with a segment of exercises, so Ingrid Hoffman was responsible for giving the nod to the first part. In the routine physical context was reviewed by the expert Jose Fernandez. After deliberation, the winner of this week was Nasstajsa Bolivar, who took $10,000 home. But the real challenge was to come with 'Dancing with the stars. " Each of the participants had as a talent partner Univision, with which they had to dance to perfection to achieve the best score and stay alive in the competition.The first to hit the dance floor was Gredmarie Colón, Rafael Mercadante who danced with the song "Yo No Fui", played by Pedro Fernández. After Jenny Arzola appeared with Tony Dandrades to participate with "Next Friday" by Espinoza Paz. The third place went to Nastassja Bolivar, who along with Poncho de Anda danced "She shakes" by NG2. The next stop was for Miriam Hernández Carlos Calderón, who together did the choreography for "The Punishment" by David Bisbal. Patricia Corcoran accounted for as a couple Raúl González and together they made the steps of "Laugh and Cry" by Celia Cruz. Diana Cano Rodolfo Jimenez teamed up to dance with "One More Night" by J Lo. Near the end of a round of introductions was the turn of Maribel Santiago, who along with Felipe Viel was tested with "The Plague" by Alejandra Guzmán. To close the trial the jury Nicole Smith participated with Johnny Lozada and the song "Pollera Colora" by Yuri. Who do you think she danced better? Decision time scores and disadvantaged were Maribel (who also received the harshest criticism of the jury), Diana and Jenny. However, only Diana is spared to reach the final instance, it was rescued by his companions. Then came the time to meet the deleted and to the surprise of many, Maribel was out of Nuestra Belleza Latina. The commotion was general and even the judge of iron, Osmel Sousa, recognized the work done Maribel from the stage of auditions.

Dancing with the Stars (Individual judges scores in the chart below (given in parentheses) are listed in this order from left to right:Julian Gil, Lupita Jones and Osmel Sousa)

Artist Paired with Score Dance
Raúl González Patricia Corcino (9,9,8)= 26 Salsa
Rodolfo Jiménez Diana Cano (4,5,4)= 13 Pop
Alfonso de Anda Nastassja Bolivar (8,8,7)= 23 Merengue
Carlos Calderón Miriam Hernandez (10,8,8)= 26 Flamenco
Rafael Mercadante Gredmarie Colon (9,10,8)= 27 Regional Mexicano
Johnny Lozada Nicole Suarez (8,7,6)= 21 Folklorico
Felipe Viel Maribel De Santiago (4,6,0)= 10 Rock and Roll
Tony Andrade Jenny Arzola (7,7,5)= 19 Waltz

Special Guest at Mansion:

Season Guest Help/Advice
2007 Martha Maria López Helped Maribel de Santiago with her runway walk
2008 Zoila Ceballos Helped Nastassja Bolivar and Gredmarie Colon, giving Nastassja an Attitude boost, and Gredmarie toning her energy down.
2009 Marycarmen López Helped Miriam Hernandez, open up to the audience and boosting her confidence.
2010 Bárbara Moros Advised Diana Cano to tone down her aggressively and to not raise her eyebrows, which read as arrogance.
  • Guest Artist: None
  • Challenge of the week winner: Nastassja Bolivar
  • Guest Celebrity in Challenge: Raúl González, Rodolfo Jiménez, Alfonso de Anda, Carlos Calderón, Rafael Mercadante, Johnny Lozada, Felipe Viel, Tony Andrade
  • Mini-Challenge Winner: "Dancing with the Stars" Gredmarie Colon
  • First Call-Out (At the Final Runway): Patricia Corcino
  • Given the opportunity to save fellow Contestant: Nastassja Bolivar
  • Bottom Three: Diana Cano, Jenny Arzola, Maribel de Santiago
  • Sent to bottom two by Viewers Lowest Percentage of votes: Jenny Arzola 8.3%
  • Sent to bottom two by fellow Contestants: Maribel de Santiago
  • Saved by the Judges: Jenny Arzola
  • Eliminated: Maribel de Santiago

Season 5, Episode 10: Nuestra Belleza's Mothers Day[edit]

Original Air Date—8 May 2011 The 7 remaining girls hit the runway for an amazing week. The girls make a special dance for mothers day. The seven must answer difficult questions at panel. At panel the six Finalist are announced. In past editions, some participants were displayed as the strongest in the tournament but this year it has been different since each gala has surprised us with strange and unexpected eliminations. The best challenge of the season no doubt was held at the offices of where Jenny Arzola, Gredmarie Colon, Patricia Corcino, Diana Cano, Nastassja Bolivar, Miriam Hernandez and Nicole Suarez were assigned each with a photo of a celebrity in which they would have to transform and imitate. The girls were glammed up and combed to imitate each photo but it was difficult to imitate the perfect pose and attitude in a photo shoot with photographer Felipe Cuevas, under the guidance of a master of imitation, Mexican actress Angélica Vale. Angélica Vale, star of our next web novel, No Me Hallo, determined that Miriam Hernandez, who imitated Shaila Dúrcal, was the best photograph and was awarded $1,000 on Univision MasterCard card. She also received a professional photo shoot for her portfolio. The reward challenge was led by the famous brand JCPenney, and in honor of Mother's Day the girl's mothers would be part of the weekly activity. The girls paraded with their mothers, except Diana Cano and Hernández Miriam who marched with her best friend and grandmother respectively. One of the most emotional moments of this gala was the message that Diana Cano received from her mother who was in Ecuador, Diana cried and proved once again that she is not as cold and strong as she looks. The winners of this challenge were Nasstassja Bolivar and her mother who celebrated with lots of hugs and kisses. JCPenney taught the girls how to dress for the spring season in the virtual closet. Dancing with the most handsome guys from Univision in Episode 9 was a success but not easy, dancing different genres had been a task that required much effort, but it falls short of what the girls lived in the tenth gala where they had to present TV segments and were coached by Bárbara Bermudo, Chiquinquirá Delgado, Marisa del Portillo, Lili Estefan, Maria Elena Salinas, Jackie Guerrido and Lourdes Stephen. The girls moved their bodies to the rhythm grupero Intocable. The guys from this band prepared a great show of good humor to put our beloved "iron judge" Osmel Sousa to dance. Jenny Arzola from Cuba went straight to the judges for having the least number of votes. Nasstasja Bolivar and Diana Cano were also in the bottom three, but the other constestants saved Nastassja. In the end, Diana went with Jenny to face the judges. Diana Cano was eliminated by the judges in the tenth gala, after being saved several times by her fellow contestants.

Nuestra Belleza Anchor

Anchor Contestant Score
Bárbara Bermudo Diana Cano (8,8,5)= 21
Chiquinquirá Delgado Miriam Hernandez (7,8,5)= 20
Marisa del Portillo Jenny Arzola (8,8,5)= 21
Lili Estefan Nicole Suarez (7,7,4)= 18
María Elena Salinas Patricia Corcino (9,9,8)= 26
Jackie Guerrido Gredmarie Colon (9,8,8)= 25
Lourdes Stephen Nastassja Bolivar (4,5,2)= 11
  • Challenge of the week winner: Miriam Hernandez and Nastassja Bolivar
  • Guest Artist: Intocable
  • Mini-Challenge Winner: "Nuestra Belleza Anchor" Patricia Corcino
  • First Call-Out (At the Final Runway): Nicole Suarez
  • Given the opportunity to save fellow Contestant: None
  • Bottom Three: Diana Cano, Jenny Arzola and Nastassja Bolivar
  • Sent to bottom two by Viewers Lowest Percentage of votes: Jenny Arzola 11.6%
  • Sent to bottom two by fellow Contestants: Diana Cano
  • Saved by the Judges: Jenny Arzola
  • Eliminated: Diana Cano

Season 5, Episode 11: Semi-Finals,Double-Elimination and The Final Question[edit]

Original Air Date—15 May 2011 The 6 remaining girls hit the runway for an amazing week. The six must answer difficult questions at panel. At panel for the first time, two girls are eliminated leaving only four finalist in finale. The final pre-gala was fraught with tension and tears and leaving the Mexican and Puerto Rican Miriam Hernandez Patricia Corcino. Of the twelve participants were the four that Apiro to the crown on Sunday: Nasstasja Bolivar, Gredmarie Columbus, Nicole Smith and Jenny Arzola. Look for everything that happened on this show and its evolution in a bikini. The girls were taken to the warm beaches of Miami but not walk, but to pose as the great and demonstrate proficiency to the perfection that the tinkering with the cameras. What they did not expect is that the production they had a terrible play on the beach waiting for: a group of actors pretending to be fans who came to talk with them and criticized terriblemente. Las girls had to report from the beach when these People came and verbally assaulted. Nastassja Bolivar told him he had a big nose, Patricia Corcino that was operated at Columbus, Gredmarie was hypocritical. The challenge, without them knowing it, was to remain calm and knew how to handle these situations. time passed the test and after anti fans know that the actors were able to relax and pose in a bikini. During the show saw its transformation from the first pose in bikini with the auditions so far, you can revive in the photo albums on the right. Vote for the best transformation of bikinis. The final $10,000 of the competition would take the runner to write and interpret more realistic commercial toothpastes. The lucky was Nicole Smith, who has won a total of $21,000 in accumulated challenges. Karla Martínez was the judge and found that Nicole was the most artículada. El challenge of the judges was the most difficult. A panel of communication experts raised questions live every girl and they had 30 seconds to responder. El panel comprised Rodner Figueroa, Carlos Alvarez of Univision Radio. Klove 107.5, actor Mark Tacher, publisher of Latina magazine, Angie Romero and celebrity reporters of TVyNovelas Luis Alfonso Hernandez Borrego.Miriam disarmed after the challenge because he felt that he had answered the question as immigration that hicieron.Los Chino & Nacho Venezuelans were in charge of livening up the show with their hit Tu Angelito I, where the girls paraded when Victoria's Secret models in a bikini beautiful and even more beautiful wings. It was a really spectacular show worthy of a seminifal. Tears and more tears. This removal was full of stress and tension. The two girls with fewer votes were Patricia Corcoran and Jenny Arzola, and this time was that Patricia competencia. Los left the judges had to give a golden pass to final rest. A Nasstasja Miriam and made them suffer and told them he would answer at the end of the show. The other girls could not stop with lots of excitement and applause from the judges deliberated público.Los in public because some were betting on Nasstasja Miriam and others. Giselle asked that saved both but Osmel announced that it would save one. And the choice to go to the final was Nasstasja Bolívar. Miriam Hernandez was the last cut before the final and would not give interviews onslaught of emotion.

The Final Question

Contestant Judge/Occupation Question Score
Miriam Hernandez Carlos Alvarez - Univision Radio Klove 107.5 (Los Angeles) "¿Si tuvieras la opportunidad de hablar con el presidente de los Estados Unidos, de una reforma immigratoria que le dirias?" (5,5,3)= 13
Patricia Corcino Luis Alfonso Borego- Editor and Chief of TvyNovelas (US) "¿Al principio de esta competencia tus compañeras estaban contra ti, que consejo le darias a adolecentes que estan pasando por algo similar?" (7,8,4)= 19
Nastassja Bolivar Sara Moreno- Editor and Chief of El General "¿Has manifestado que te gusta luchar por tus sueños y que tu familia es sumamente importante para ti, que harias si tu familia algun dia se opusiera alguno de estos sueños?" (9,10,3)= 22
Gredmarie Colon Mark Thacher- El Triunfo del Amor Actor "¿Las estadisticas dicen que las parejas de artistas son dificiles de llevar, puesto que tu eres la esposa de Alexis (Duo Alexis & Fido) cual seria tu secreto para llevar una buena relacion con tu pareja?" (8,10,7)= 25
Nicole Suarez Angie Romero- Editor and Chief of Latina Magazine "¿Has manifestado que te gusta estar enfrente de la camara, y por esa razon estudias periodismo. Si alguien te dijera que estar en Nuestra Belleza Latina es lo opuesto al periodismo que les dirias?" (10,10,9)= 29
Jenny Arzola Rodner Figueroa- Univision Fashionista "¿Muchos criticos dicen que para estar en un concurso de Belleza se nesesita hacer cosas extremas (Alimentacion, Ejercicio) para ganar la corona que les dirias a estos criticos?" (6,6,2)= 14
  • Challenge of the week winner: Nicole Suarez
  • Guest Artist: Chino & Nacho
  • Guest in Mini-Challenge: Carlos Alvarez, Luis Alfonso Borego, Sara Moreno, Mark Thacher, Angie Romero and Rodner Figueroa
  • Mini-Challenge Winner: "The Final Question" Nicole Suarez
  • First Call-Out (At the Final Runway): Gredmarie Colon
  • Bottom Two (Lowest Percentage of votes): Jenny Arzola and Patricia Corcino
  • Bottom Two (By the judges): Nastassja Bolivar and Miriam Hernandez
  • Saved by the Judges: Nastassja Bolivar
  • Eliminated (Lowest Percentage of votes): Patricia Corcino 11.9%
  • Eliminated (By the judges): Miriam Hernandez

Season 5, Episode 12: Nuestra Belleza Latina 2011 is...[edit]

Original Air Date—22 May 2011 The 4 remaining girls hit the runway to find who will be Nuestra Belleza Latina 2011.After five months of uncertainty (the first hearing began on January 8) of tears, trials, eliminations and talent, the Nicaraguan Nasstasja Bolívar was crowned on Sunday May 22 Nuestra Belleza Latina 2011. The final gala of Nuestra Belleza Latina was a moving tribute to the four finalists in the competition: Gredmarie Puerto Colon, Bolivar Nasstasja Nicaraguan, Cuban and Colombian Jenny Arzola Nicole Suarez. The four finalists for Nuestra Belleza Latina 2011 opened the show with a dance spectacular in which they were accompanied by teachers who have been shaping and highlighting his talent for five months.Giselle Blondet and judges, Julian Gil, Lupita Jones and Osmel Sousa jury chairman following the opening with uncertainty and a lot of emotion. The second part of the show was a summary of the final four candidates for the crown. Columbus Gredmarie danced and won a trophy in memory and $1.000 for having achieved the highest score from the judges during the season. Gredmarie last year was among the 24 finalists aspiring to enter the mansion but was a step away from achieving his dream. The Puerto Rican is not paid and invested in 2010 in class to prepare and re-audition, which paid off because today was in the final. The mother and her husband Gredmarie, the duo Alexis & Fido, were in the audience to support her in this very important day for his career. Production showed a video of his father in Iraq, working with the Army and this made her mourn with emotion and pride. Jenny Arzola was one of the stronger players of the 24 finalists but was one step away from entering the mansion. The Cuban received a second chance and was selected by the most votes to enter the mansion to replace Juliette Cabrera, who was disqualified for some pictures of it objectionable that circulated on the Internet. For your talent show chose a Caribbean dance that prepared very well. For the unprepared it was to receive a recorded greeting from his aunt and her goddaughter who made it crumble into tears. Nasstasja Bolivar was another great favorite during the competition in spite of their low proficiency in Spanish, for anyone who struggled as reading aloud, taking diction lessons and practicing at the mansion. In addition Nasstasja charmed her teammates and is one of the few girls who had no brushes with none. Nass talent made his test and received a touching message of her great-grandmother who, as the other finalists, he burst into tears. Nicole Smith has been one of the candidates, as Gredmarie, always had the support of the judges for their ability of speech, however Julián Gil told repeatedly that it would not be enough to win the crown because his personality is not strong, does not shine and is lost in the character of the other competitors. In the test performed a dance talent Nicole mapale and imagine their surprise when his father brought Colombia, which moved a lot.The beautiful, the public and the staff of Nuestra Belleza Latina shouted Luis Fonsi who was responsible for setting the pace and the romance of the night. The Puerto Rican singer presented his latest recording material which is called "Shout." Fonsi also presented along with Ana Patricia González, the queen of 2010, the winner of the poster signed that week after week, special guests were signing Nuestra Belleza Latina. Lucero, Larry Hernandez, Gocho, Horoscopos de Durango, Tito el Bambino, Gloria Trevi, Tony Dizze, Intocable, Joey Montana y Nacho and Luis Fonsi. Of the thousands who left their data, Julia Mérida, Las Vegas, Nevada, was fortunate to earn it. Additionally, each queen Alejandra Espinoza, Melissa Marty, Greidys Gil and Ana Patricia González-signed five posters each, and thus, five winners also took home queens. The first winner of the individual posters queen of San Francisco, California, and it is Luis Cruz. The second winner is from Clearwater, Florida, and Alejandra Trejo. The third name is Betsali Cintron and York, Pennsylvania. Alvin Zeno, of Millstone, Connecticut, is the fourth lucky. And the last name is Jennifer Ortiz, she is from Peekskill, New York. In all, congratulations and hope you enjoy their prizes. The coaches have stayed away from the views and have always watched from their seats in silence, while training and guiding the participants during the week. They would be professional and physical growth experienced in the mansion and everyone wanted to hear their views. Aarón Díaz and Giselle Blondet acted with them and the girls performed a final dance before announcing the crown, where they were dressed as astronauts. The four finalists went to the Univision Upfront presentation that took place at the New Amsterdam Theatre of the Big Apple. The girls had the opportunity to meet part of the integration with Televisa, Univision's new programming for 2011 and the launch of three new channels. Not only that, and to use their stay to relax and go shopping. Not bad to spoil them days before the final. The judges gave their final comments, but reserved the score. Osmel to close the season finale focused on the fact that Giselle Blondet had kissed many suitors this season but let out to Aarón Díaz. Then came the time of listing. The fourth runner up was Jenny Arzola. The third was Nicole Suarez, the second was Gredmarie Colon and the crown was given to Nasstasja Bolivar. Nasstasja receive prizes valued at $250.000 and a contract with Univision. Will this week in several shows in the chain and queen exercised until next May.

Top 4 Finale

Rank Contestant Age Country Representing
Winner Nastassja Bolivar 22  Nicaragua
2nd Place Gredmarie Colón 22  Puerto Rico
3rd Place Nicole Suarez 19  Colombia
4th Place Jenny Arzola 22  Cuba



Rank Contestant
Winner  Nicaragua - Nastassja Bolivar
Runner Up  Puerto Rico - Gredmarie Colon
3rd Place  Colombia - Nicole Suarez
4th Place  Cuba - Jenny Arzola
5th Place  Mexico - Miriam Hernandez
6th Place  Puerto Rico - Patricia Corcino
7th Place  Ecuador - Diana Cano
8th Place  Mexico - Maribel de Santiago
9th Place  Puerto Rico - Darla Delgado
10th Place  Mexico - Jocell Villa
11th Place  Mexico - Paulette Acosta
12th Place  Dominican Republic - Yahaira Núñez
  • Jenny Arzola, was eliminated, March 27, 2011. Re-Entered the competition April 17, 2011 substituting the expulsion of Juliete Cabrera.

Final Catwalk Order[edit]

Voting Phone Numbers Catwalk Order
Order Episodes
Top 24 Final 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 (Semi-Final) 8 (Finale) Top 2
1 Patricia Maribel Juliete Nastassja Gredmarie Miriam Patricia Nicole Gredmarie Gredmarie Gredmarie Gredmarie Nastassja
2 Yahaira Darla Paulette Nicole Maribel Jenny Nastassja Gredmanie Miriam Nicole Nastassja Nastassja Gredmarie
3 Sonia Gredmarie Jocell Miriam Darla Nastassja Nicole Patricia Nastassja Jenny Nicole Nicole
4 Juliete Jocell Diana Patricia Nastassja Maribel Gredmarie Miriam Nicole Nastassja Jenny
5 Nicole Paulette Gredmarie Maribel Miriam Nicole Miriam Nastassja Jenny Miriam
6 Diana Yahaira Nastassja Darla Patricia Gredmarie Diana Jenny Patricia
7 Darla Nicole Darla Gredmarie Diana Diana Jenny Diana
8 Nastassja Miriam Maribel Juliete Nicole Patricia Maribel
9 Hanna Juliete Miriam Diana Jocell Darla
10 Saidee Diana Nicole Jocell Juliete
11 Miriam Patricia Patricia Paulette Jenny
12 Maribel Nastassja Yahaira
13 Audris Sonia
14 Alexandra Hanna
15 Yashira Saidee
16 Fabiola Ana
17 Vivian Alexandra
18 Jenny Yashira
19 Jocell Fabiola
20 Deyanira Vivian
21 Paulette Jenny
22 Carol Deyanira
23 Ana Carol
24 Jenny Audris
  • In Top 24, neither Vivian nor Carol, were chosen for Top 12 despite having won the online voting.
  • In Top 12, Audris Rijo Quit before the Results Show, due to family problems but will be given a second chance for Nuestra Belleza Latina 2012
  • In Week 1, Maribel, Gredmarie, Diana, Josell, Miriam and Paulette won the challenge as a team.
  • In Week 2, Paulette Acosta had the lowest viewers votes of the week, 3.8% and was sent home.
  • In Week 3, Juliete Cabrera was expelled due to bad conduct. Semi-Finalist, Jenny Azola representing, Cuba re-entered the competition as her replacement.
  • In Week 4, Darla Delgado and Diana Cano Tied in bottom three, therefore the contestant sent to bottom two was determined by lowest vote percentage. Darla 9.1%; Diana 10%.
  • In Week 6,Diana Cano after six bottom three nominations, was finally eliminated.
  • In Week 7, Patricia Corcino was automatically eliminated for having the lowest percentage of the audience vote (11.9%) she was bottom two with Jenny Arzola.
  • In Week 7, Miriam Hernandez was eliminated, after the judges decided to not use their non-elimination week against Nastassja Bolivar.
  • In Week 7, Two contestants were eliminated, leaving for the first time in Nuestra Belleza History Four Finalist instead of six, also adding an eight week of competition(rather than 7). The Elimination was set in two portions, First the girl with less percentage of votes from the viewers was set home without the judging panel saving anyone, then the five remaining were judged and critiqued eliminating one, and saving the others. Leaving four Finalists.
Color Description Used
     The contestant won the competition Top 2
     The contestant became runner-up Top 2
     The contestant was a replacement to an expulsion Week 3
     The contestant was expelled by the judging panel Week 3
     The contestant was saved by the judges Week 1-Week 7
     The contestant was saved by fellow contestants Week 1-Week 6
     The contestant won the challenge of the week Week 1-Week 7
     The contestant was eliminated Week 1
     The contestant quit the competition Final 12
     The contestant was in the Top 12 of Group 1 Top 24
     The contestant was in the Top 12 of Group 2 Top 24
     The contestant was chosen from online voting Top 24

Contestant Notes[edit]

  • Mexico Maribel de Santiago Auditioned for Nuestra Belleza Latina 2010, but was declined.
  • Mexico Miriam Hernandez, was the last contestant representing Mexico, and got eliminated, making the first time in the five seasons of Nuestra Belleza Latina, that Mexico has not been in Top 2. Hernández was eliminated by the judges even though her and Gredmarie Colon had the highest number of votes.
  • Puerto Rico Darla Delgado Was a contestant in Objetivo Fama (season 2) in 2005 landed in 7th Place.
  • Colombia Nicole Suárez Competed in Miss Colombia 2010 representing Tolima, but did not Place.
  • Puerto Rico Patricia Corcino Competed in Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2010 representing Caguas, but did not Place. She also auditioned for Nuestra Belleza Latina 2010 but was voted off by fellow contestants.
  • Puerto Rico Yashira Ayala Competed in Miss World Puerto Rico 2008 representing Comerio, but did not Place.
  • Cuba Juliete Cabrera Photos of her with sexual explicit content were found online and she was kicked off the show in Week 3.
  • Cuba Jenny Arzola was Semi-Finalist, re-entered the competition after Juliete Cabrera's Expulsion.
  • Puerto Rico Gredmarie Colon Auditioned for Nuestra Belleza Latina 2010 but was voted off in Top 20. She is also the wife of vocalist Alexis from duo Alexis & Fido
  • Dominican Republic Audris Rijo Quit the competition do to family issues, but was given the opportunity to return following year. She won Miss Turismo Dominicana 2009 representing, La Altagracia there she won special awards, Miss Elegance and Miss Culture. Competed in Reinado Internacional del Café 2010 placed as 2nd Runner-Up, there she won special awards, Queen of the Water and Best Face.


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Ana Patricia González
Nuestra Belleza Latina 2011
Nastassja Bolivar
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Vanessa De Roide

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