Nuestra Belleza México 2006

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Nuestra Belleza México 2006
Date September 2, 2006
Presenters Jacqueline Bracamontes, Juan José Origel
Entertainment Bobby Pulido, Santo Diablito, Belanova, Leo Paryna, Fey
Venue Espacio Cultural Metropolitano, Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico
Broadcaster Televisa
Entrants 30
Placements 15
Withdrawals Estado de México
Returns Chiapas, Guerrero
Winner Rosa María Ojeda[1]

The 13th Nuestra Belleza México pageant, was held at the Espacio Cultural Metropolitano of Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico on September 2, 2006. Thirty contestants of the Mexican Republic competed for the national title, which was won by Rosa Maria Ojeda from Sinaloa, who later competed in Miss Universe 2007 in Mexico where she was a Semifinalist in the Top 10. Ojeda was crowned by outgoing Nuestra Belleza México titleholder Priscila Perales. She was the second Sinaloan to win this title.

The Nuestra Belleza Mundo México title was won by Carolina Morán from Colima, who later competed in Miss World 2007 in China where she was the 2nd Runner-up. Morán was crowned by Nuestra Belleza Mundo México 2004 Dafne Molina. She is the only Coliman and fourth winner of foreign descent (her grandfather is Chinese) to win this Title.

The Recognition "Corona al Mérito 2006" was for Dafne Molina, Nuestra Belleza Mundo México 2004, 1st Runner-up in Miss World 2005 and International Top Model.



Final Results Contestant
Nuestra Belleza México 2006
Nuestra Belleza Mundo México 2006
Suplente/1st Runner-up
2nd Runner-up
3rd Runner-up
Top 10
Top 15

Order of announcements[edit]

Special awards[edit]

Award Contestant
Miss Top Model
Contestants' Choice
Miss Talent
Miss Sports
Academic Award
Fuller Beauty Queen
Best Hair Optims
Best Skin Nutrimilk
Lala Light Figure
Steps to Fame
Best National Costume


They were the same judges at the Preliminary and Final Competition.

Background music[edit]

  • Opening Number: "Medley of the host State" by Contestants
  • Intermediate: "Vanidosa" by Bobby Pulido
  • Swimsuit Competition: "Guapa" by Santo Diablito
  • Intermediate: "Rosa Pastel" by Belanova
  • Evening Gown Competition: Leo Paryna
  • Intermediate: "Y Aquí Estoy" by Fey
  • Crowning Moment: "Nuestra Belleza México" (Official Theme)


State Contestant Age Height
Aguascalientes Aguascalientes Ana Paulina Parga Padilla 19 1.82 Aguascalientes
Aguascalientes Aguascalientes María Alicia Pérez Estrada 18 1.76 Aguascalientes
Baja California Baja California Alejandra Espinoza Cruz 19 1.74 Tijuana
Baja California Sur Baja California Sur Siria Martínez Pérez 20 1.73 La Paz
Campeche Campeche Ana Luisa Campos López 21 1.73 Campeche
Chiapas Chiapas Dalia Lazcano Córdoba 20 1.71 Comitán
Chihuahua (state) Chihuahua Montserrat Montagut Enciso 20 1.70 Cd. Juárez
Coahuila Coahuila Luz Areli Astorga Gurza 19 1.80 Torreón
Colima Colima Carolina Morán Gordillo 18 1.79 Manzanillo
Mexico City Distrito Federal Marisol González Ficachi 23 1.74 Mexico City
Durango Durango Dulce María Félix Piña 22 1.75 Durango
Guanajuato Guanajuato Pilar Pérez Reyes 20 1.71 León
Guerrero Guerrero Cinthia Valle Vidal 20 1.73 Acapulco
Jalisco Jalisco Gladys Castellanos Jiménez 18 1.76 Guadalajara
Jalisco Jalisco Perla Mercado Barajas 21 1.80 Guadalajara
Michoacán Michoacán Tania Vanessa Rincón Sánchez 19 1.73 La Piedad
Morelos Morelos Karla Soto Guerrero 18 1.68 Cuernavaca
Nayarit Nayarit Carolina González Serrato 23 1.80 Tepic
Nuevo León Nuevo León Alejandra Ballesteros González 20 1.74 Monterrey
Nuevo León Nuevo León Mariana Lombard González 21 1.745 Monterrey
Puebla Puebla Rosalba Rojas Chávez 19 1.81 Puebla
Querétaro Querétaro María Fernanda Quinzaños Herrera 19 1.71 Querétaro
Quintana Roo Quintana Roo Mercedes Cortina Martín 20 1.69 Cancún
San Luis Potosí Nuevo León Daniela Gonzalez Escobar 21 1.78 San Luis Potosi
Sinaloa Sinaloa Rosa María Ojeda Cuen 19 1.71 Culiacán
Sonora Sonora Melissa Estrella Pérez 20 1.80 Nogales
Tamaulipas Tamaulipas Adriana Celis Renero 19 1.78 Cd. Victoria
Veracruz Veracruz Magdalena Tavizón Barraza 21 1.79 Veracruz
Yucatán Yucatán Isis Barrera Correa 23 1.74 Mérida
Zacatecas Zacatecas Deyanira Michelle Varela Muñetón 22 1.73 Jerez


Returning states[edit]



  • Sinaloa won the Nuestra Belleza México title for the second time (before 2003).
  • This year the crown of Nuestra Belleza México suffers his third change, this new model would continue only this year.
  • Colima won the Nuestra Belleza Mundo México title for the first time.
  • This was the fourth time a Winner of Nuestra Belleza México pageant is of foreign descent (Carolina Morán, her grandfather is Chinese).
  • Jalisco was the Suplente/1st Runner-up for the first time.
  • The event begins with a parade of costumes, it's not carried out since 1998.
  • This is the first year in which the outgoing Queen, Nuestra Belleza Mundo México 2005 Karla Jiménez, doesn't give the crown to her successor because of her participation in Miss World 2006 in Warsaw, Poland; Nuestra Belleza Mundo México 2004 and 1st Runner-up in Miss World 2005 Dafne Molina give the crown to the successor.
  • Chihuahua, Guerrero and San Luis Potosí return to competition after two years (2004), Chiapas after four years (2002).
  • Tamaulipas placed for eighth consecutive year.
  • Distrito Federal, Jalisco and Nuevo León placed for fourth consecutive year.
  • Baja California and Puebla placed for second consecutive year.
  • Nayarit returned to making calls to the semifinals after eight years (1998), Colima after six years (2000), Sinaloa and Sonora after three years (2003), Chihuahua, Coahuila and Michoacán after two years (2004).
  • States that were called to the semifinals last year and this year failed to qualify were Aguascalientes, Baja California Sur, Durango, Guanajuato, Morelos, Quintana Roo, Veracruz, Yucatán and Zacatecas.
  • For the first time Juan José Origel hosted Nuestra Belleza México, with Jacqueline Bracamontes who was on her second time.
  • Tamaulipas won Miss Top Model for the first time and the Best Hair Award for third time (before 1999 and 2001)..
  • Colima won Contestants' Choice for the first time.
  • Jalisco won Miss Talent, the Steps to Fame Award and Best National Costume for the first time.
  • Distrito Federal won Miss Sports for the first time.
  • Michoacán won the Academic Award for the first time.
  • Sinaloa won Fuller Beauty Queen for the first time.
  • Puebla won the Best Skin Award for the first time.
  • Chihuahua won the Lala Light Figure Award for the first time.
  • The host delegate, Adriana Celis from Tamaulipas, placed to semifinals.
  • Aguascalientes (Ana Paulina Parga) is the tallest delegate in this edition (1.82 m).
  • Chihuahua (Montserrat Montagut), Morelos (Karla Soto) and Quintana Roo (Mercedes Cortina) are the shortest delegates in this edition (1.68 m).

Contestants notes[edit]


Contestants who had competed or will compete at other beauty pageants:

Miss Universe
Miss World
Miss Continente Americano
Reina Hispanoamericana
Reinado Internacional del Café
  • 2007:  Chihuahua: Montserrat Montagut (3rd Runner-up)
Nuestra Belleza Latina
Miss Turismo México


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