Nuestra Belleza Querétaro 2010

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Nuestra Belleza Querétaro 2010
Date July 17, 2010
Presenters Alberto Romero, Alma Rosa González
Venue Hotel Misión Juriquilla, Querétaro, Querétaro
Broadcaster Televisa
Entrants 10
Placements 5

Natasha Kaufmann [1] (Resigned) [2]

María Perusquía (Successor)[3]

Nuestra Belleza Querétaro 2010, was held in Hotel Misión Juriquilla, Querétaro, Querétaro on July 17, 2010. At the conclusion of the final night of competition, Natasha Kaufmann of the capital city Querétaro was crowned the winner. Kaufmann was crowned by outgoing Nuestra Belleza Querétaro titleholder, Alejandra Cabral. Ten contestants competed for the state title.



Final Results Contestant
Nuestra Belleza Querétaro 2010
  • Natasha Kaufmann (Resigned)
Suplente / 1st Runner-up
  • María Perusquía (Successor)
2nd Runner-up
  • Ana Cristina Avedillo
3rd Runner-up
  • Karla Piña
4th Runner-up
  • Carolina Palacio



Hometown Contestant
Querétaro Ana Cristina Avedillo
Querétaro Brenda Armenta
Querétaro Carolina Palacio
Querétaro Karla Piña
Querétaro Laura Ruiz
Querétaro María Guadalupe Licea
Querétaro María Perusquía
Querétaro Natasha Kaufmann
Querétaro Sofía Torres

Contestants Notes[edit]

  • Natasha Kaufmann resigned from the state crown because she was not allowed in the Universidad Contemporánea to attend the national event, for this reason, the 1st Runner-up María Perusquía,[4] was presented to the press in a red dress, and so was crowned Nuestra Belleza Querétaro 2010, at the hands of the two coordinators present.


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