Nuestra Belleza Sinaloa 2012

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Nuestra Belleza Sinaloa 2012
Date June 22, 2012
Venue Modular Inés Arredondo, Culiacán, Sinaloa
Broadcaster Televisa
Entrants 8
Placements 4
Winner Karime Macías [1]

Nuestra Belleza Sinaloa 2012, was held at the Modular Inés Arredondo of Culiacán, Sinaloa on June 22, 2012. At the conclusion of the final night of competition, Karime Macías from Mazatlán was crowned the winner. Macías was crowned by outgoing Nuestra Belleza Sinaloa titleholder, Grecia Gutiérrez. Eight contestants competed for the title.

One of the contestants, María Susana Flores Gámez, 20, was killed in a shoot-out confrontation between a gang of Mexican drug traffickers and Mexican soldiers. She emerged first with a gun, from the traffickers' vehicle, and was killed in a hail of gunfire. It was first suggested that she was likely used as a human shield but later tests revealed she had gunpowder residue on her hands suggesting she may have fired the weapon. Investigators are unsure as to whether Gámez was a willing participant in the shootout and fired on Mexican troops or whether she was being used as a human shield. [2]



Final Results Contestant
Nuestra Belleza Sinaloa 2012
  • Karime Macías
Supente / 1st Runner-up
  • Briseyda Zazueta
2nd Runner-up
  • Patricia de la Vega
3rd Runner-up
  • Carolina Camacho

Special Awards[edit]

Final Results Contestant
Miss Photogenic
  • Briseyda Zazueta
Miss Congeniality
  • Lilibeth Angulo
Miss Elegance
  • Daniela Aguilar
Best Hair
  • Karime Macías
Best Skin
  • Lilibeth Angulo


Hometown Contestant Age Height
Culiacán Daniela Aguilar Bringas 22 1.74
Culiacán Briseyda Zazueta López 23 1.72
Culiacán Iris Carolina Camacho Gastélum 22 1.75
Culiacán María Susana Flores Gámez 20 1.70
Culiacán Patricia de la Vega Zazueta 19 1.77
Mazatlán Karime Macías Olson 23 1.72
Mazatlán Lilibeth Angulo Gaytán 20 1.76
Mazatlán Thelma Sánchez Navarro 23 1.71


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