Nueva Italia, Paraguay

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Nueva Italia
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Nueva Italia is located in Paraguay
Nueva Italia
Nueva Italia
Coordinates: 25°37′12″S 57°30′0″W / 25.62000°S 57.50000°W / -25.62000; -57.50000Coordinates: 25°37′12″S 57°30′0″W / 25.62000°S 57.50000°W / -25.62000; -57.50000
130 m (430 ft)
 • Total3 367

Nueva Italia (Spanish for New Italy) is a town in the Central Department of Paraguay.


Nueva Italia was created in 1904 by the Paraguay government in order to establish some colonists from Italy and their 18 families in a farming area 40 km south of the capital Asunción. However also some German and Ucranian emigrants moved to live there.

In grey all the urban area of the Greater Asuncion & surroundings, showing Nueva Italia

The first manager-administrator of this Colonia Nueva Italia (as was officially named) was the Italian count Enrico Statella.[1] After WW1 many Italians returned to Italy or moved to the capital Asuncion, but the settlement -after an initial crisis- survived & remained as a small agricultural center. Mura,[2] Musto and Carolini were some of the Italian families that remained and perfectly integrated with the local Paraguayan population.

In the 1930s the colony was a success and grew in importance as a farming city for the Greater Asunción area[3]

In 1956 was created the Distrito Nueva Italia,[4] that in the 2010s have nearly 20,000 inhabitants.

The main activities are farming and husbandry.[5] Recently is being developed some tourism, thanks to new roads toward the capital and other surroundings[6]

The city is located to the north of the "Distrito Nueva Italia" and has a perfect square shape, because of the original urban planning promoted by count Enrico Statella.[7]

The District "Nueva Italia"[edit]

The "Central department" of Paraguay (with the "Greater Asuncion" metropolitan area) is divided in 19 districts. The one located in the most southern section is Nueva Italia:

District km2 Population (2002)
Areguá 122 44.566
Capiatá 83 154.274
Fernando de la Mora 21 113.560
Guarambaré 59 16.687
Itá 190 50.391
Itauguá 122 60.601
Julián Augusto Saldívar 948 37.374
Lambaré 37 119.795
Limpio 117 73.158
Luque 203 185.127
Mariano Roque Alonso 122 65.229
Ñemby 40 71.909
Nueva Italia 312 18.525
San Antonio 29 37.795
San Lorenzo 41 204.356
Villa Elisa 122 53.166
Villeta 888 22.429
Ypacaraí 111 18.530
Ypané 53 25.421

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