Nueve de Julio Department, San Juan

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Departamento Nueve de Julio
location of Nueve de Julio Department in San Juan Province
location of Nueve de Julio Department in San Juan Province
Coordinates: 31°37′S 68°23′W / 31.617°S 68.383°W / -31.617; -68.383
Country Argentina
Founded by ?
Seat Nueve de Julio
 • Total 185 km2 (71 sq mi)
 • Total 7.652 (2,001 census [INDEC])
Postal Code SJ5400
Area Code 0264

Nueve de Julio is a department located in the province of San Juan (Argentina). It is located in the center south of the province, where the surface this on the Valley Tulum. Characterized by its considerable production wine and fruit varied


The name of this department is to devia in the area before it was department had a town with the name ofNueve de Julio, then became the village head. It lives up to the date of the declaration of independence on July 9, 1816


The Nueve de Julio Department is located in south central San Juan Province, east of the City San Juan about 15 kilometers and has an area of 185 square kilometres. Its boundaries are:

Nueve de Julio is also one of the departments members of the oasis Valley Tulum, is a space enclosed by San Juan River, east and the stream of black water to the west, where the chief Relief is plain to decline to the east. His associates landscape areas oasis fed by the rivers and desert areas, usually located south of the department.

The climatic features are represented by a continental climate with hot summers with temperatures up to 40 °C and cold winters with a moderate presence of sub-zero temperatures. He suffers the shortage of luvias, falling hail in summer affected agricultural activity. As for the wind destacon'zonda wind, warm and dry from the west and south'wind, cold wet.

The flora is characterized by a vegetation xerófita, as jarillas and challenge, though also find various reeds and rushes. The flora is highlighted by herons gallaretas, cocks water and coipos in areas of the loas San Juan River. Also there are many insects

National Rute 20


The main economic activity of this department is agricultural, which has a cultivated area of 4,343 hectares, mainly aimed at the at[clarification needed], olive, vegetables (tomato, onion ), and fruit (melon, plum, quince), forestry, grains and forages.

In the case of industry highlights thewine industry, which owns several wineries and a major factory dedicated to the manufacture of boards and motor vehicle polyethylene

Coordinates: 31°37′S 68°23′W / 31.617°S 68.383°W / -31.617; -68.383