Nuevo rico, nuevo pobre

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Nuevo Rico Nuevo Pobre
Genre Comedy-Drama
Country of origin Colombia
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 150
Location(s) Bogotá
Running time May vary
Original network Caracol TV
Original release 16 July 2007 – 11 August 2008
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Nuevo Rico Nuevo Pobre is a Colombian telenovela produced and broadcast by Caracol TV starring Martín Karpan, John Alex Toro (well known by his participation in Maria Full of Grace), Maria Cecilia Botero, Carolina Acevedo, Hugo Gómez, former Miss Colombia Andrea Noceti and Andrés Toro (from Sin Tetas No Hay Paraíso).

The show started on July 16, 2007[1] on Caracol TV and it is also broadcast on Ecuador's Teleamazonas in primetime. Caracol TV has sold the rights of the show to Telemundo and Fox. It is, as of May 2008, one of the highest rated TV shows in Colombia.


The Telenovela follows Andrés Ferreira, who was born from a poor woman and went with a rich woman, and Brayan Galindo, who was born to a rich woman and went with a poor woman. After 30 years, Andrés went to the pensión where Brayan lived and met his true family; Brayan went to live with his real mother and his new fiancé, Fernanda Sanmiguel (who only wants him for his money, and is the lover of Andrés's cousin, Mateo). Brayan is now the owner of the Ferreira enterprise Mundo Express, and it is later revealed that Mateo, Brayan's cousin, is trying to steal his money as well as MundoExpress.

Cultural aspects[edit]

The name of Brayan Galindo reflects an irregular adaptation of Brian to the Spanish. .[citation needed]

The social consequences of massive dismissals of 200 employees as a result of a reconstruction inserts a dramatic effect into the plot, and create a cold image of the business world and Andrés Ferreira.


  • Martín Karpan - Andres Ferreira
  • John Alex Toro - Brallan Galindo
  • Carolina Acevedo - Rosmery Peláez
  • Andrea Nocceti - Fernanda Sanmiguel
  • Andrés Toro - Mateo Lopez Ferreira
  • Maria Cecilia Botero - Antonia Vda. de Ferreira
  • Hugo Gomez - Leonidas Galindo
  • Diana Neira - Ingrid Peláez
  • Rosmery Bohorquez - Maritza Buenahora
  • Isabel Cristina Estrada - lizeth
  • Mauricio Vélez - Fidel Peláez
  • Jimmy Vásquez - Miller Anselmo
  • Saín Castro. - Afanador
  • Herbert King. - Hugo
  • John Mario Rivera - Julio


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