Nugent Island

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Nugent Island
Nugent Meyer Dayrell Islands.jpg
Nugent Island (in the trees) near Raoul Island
Kermadec islands.jpg
Coordinates 29°13′54″S 177°52′09″W / 29.23167°S 177.86917°W / -29.23167; -177.86917
Archipelago Kermadec Islands
Population 0

Nugent Island is the most northerly island in the Kermadec Islands and the most northerly part of New Zealand. It is one of the group to the north-east of Raoul Island. It is circular and approximately 100 metres (109 yd) across. It forms part of the Kermadec Islands Important Bird Area, identified as such by BirdLife International because it is an important site for nesting seabirds.[1]

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Coordinates: 29°13′54″S 177°52′09″W / 29.23167°S 177.86917°W / -29.23167; -177.86917