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Nugush River (Russian: Нугуш, Nuguš; Bashkir: Нөгөш, Nögöş), also known as the Bolshoi Nugush River (Russian: Большой Нугуш, Boljšoj Nuguš), is a river in Bashkortostan in Russia, a right tributary of the Belaya River. The river is 235 kilometres (146 mi) long, and its drainage basin covers 3,820 square kilometres (1,470 sq mi). The Nugush freezes up in the first half of November and remains icebound until the second half of April.

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Coordinates: 53°04′32″N 55°59′43″E / 53.07556°N 55.99528°E / 53.07556; 55.99528