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In folklore, the Nuk-luk ("nook-luck"; "Man of the Bush") said to dwell in the Nahanni National Park Reserve near Nahanni Butte, Northwest Territories, Canada, between April and June 1964, by John Baptist, several men, and a boy named Jerry. Several Dene from Fort Liard who were trapping at a river reportedly came upon the creature in April 1964. It appeared strong-looking, and appeared to have a long, dark beard, wore no clothes, and was 5 ft (1.5 m) tall.

In June 1964, near Fort Simpson around 9 p.m. a boy named Jerry reported a similar creature. It had black hair on its head, upper body, and legs, and a black head, slightly pointed at the back. It also had a long, brown beard that reached its waist, and wore ankle-high boots, a mooseskin loincloth, and had a stone club in its hand. These creatures have been reported for hundreds of years and are said to have bootlike footprints and whistling calls. They have been reported from the Northwest Territories to Yukon to the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska.