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Nukissiorfiit is a government-owned Greenland energy company. Nukissiorfiit means "where energies are created". The company supplies most of Greenland with electricity, water and heat. Most of the electricity is produced by renewable sources (mostly hydro power) such as the Qorlortorsuaq Dam. 70% of Greenland’s energy is produced by renewable sources. The rest is produced by oil burned plants. The company employs 400 people, spread on 17 cities and 54 villages.

List of hydroelectric power plants[edit]

Name Nearest settlement Power Opening year
Buksefjord hydroelectric power plant Nuuk 45 MW 1993
Tasiilaq hydropower plant Tasiilaq 1.2 MW 2005
Qorlortorsuaq Dam Qaqortoq 7.6 MW 2007
Sisimiut Hydro Power Plant Sisimiut 15 MW 2010
Ilulissat Hydropower plant Ilulissat 22.5 MW 2014