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Genre Drama
Written by Prabodh Joshi
Anil Chaudhary
Directed by Saeed Akhtar Mirza
Kundan Shah
Starring see below
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time approximately 24 minutes
Original network DD National
Original release 1986 – 1987
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Nukkad (Street Corner) is an Indian television series that aired on DD National in 1986–87. It was directed by Kundan Shah and Saeed Akhtar Mirza; it was written by Prabodh Joshi and Anil Chaudhary.

It starred Dilip Dhawan, Rama Vij, Pavan Malhotra, Sangeeta Naik, Avtar Gill in lead roles. The serial received tremendous response from the viewers and some of the characters such as Khopdi, Kaderbhai and Ghanshu Bhikari became household names. The first season of Nukkad aired in 1986–87 had 40 episodes. A sequel series titled Naya Nukkad premiered in 1993


Kundan Shah's Nukkad dealt with the struggles of the lower income labor class in cities.


  • Dilip Dhawan—Guru (aka Raghunath) is a small-time electrician and the de facto leader of the Nukkad gang. Helpful and impartial by nature, Guru is often useful in resolving petty quarrels between the Nukkad residents)
  • Avtar Gill—Kaderbhai (aks Kader Kutty) owns a small dingy restaurant which often becomes a meeting point for other Nukkad members. He is generous and does not charge the poor Nukkad members for tea and snacks)
  • Pavan Malhotra—Hari (aks Hari Mourya) is a humble hard working youth who owns a small shop for repairing bicycles and filling air in bicycle tyres. Hari is besotted with Madhu, the attractive, educated daughter of Gupta seth. However Gupta seth despises their romance and is always watchful of Hari & Madhu.)
  • Sameer Khakhar—Khopdi (aka Gopal) is a chronic drunkard who is loved by all)
  • Haidar Ali—Raja (aka Raja Patel) is a smooth talking vagabond who moves around smartly dressed in a suit and with an "I know it all" attitude)
  • Javed Khan—Karim Hajaam. Karim is a barber and owns a small hair cutting salon.
  • Sangeeta Naik—Radha (The domestic maid) works in the houses at Nukkad. She loves Hari and is annoyed that he does not reciprocate and instead loves Madhu.)
  • Rama Vij—Teacherji (aka Maria) is a widow who lives alone. Guru and Maria both love each other, but do not explicitly confess their love.
  • Ajay Wadhavkar—Ganpat Havaldar. Ganpat is the neighborhood havaldar often called in whenever there is trouble at Nukkad.
  • Suresh Chatwal—Dukhiya shayar (aks Dukhiya Chandigarhi) is an unemployed "shayar" who lives for free with Guru. Dukhiya bores everybody with meaningless shayaris (couplets). He along with Khopdi and Raja form the unemployed trio who live off other's money.
  • Suresh Bhagwat—Ghanshu Bhikari (aka Ghanshyam) is the beggar at Nukkad.
  • Shrichand Makhija Chaurasia Paanwala. Chaurasia is a paanwala with a paan-beedi shop next to Kaderbhai's restaurant.
  • Kundu Mochi (The cobbler by the streetside)
  • Tambi Waiter(Tambi works as a waiter at Kaderbhai's restaurant)
  • Dagdu Jamadar(Dagdu is the municipality sweeper at Nukkad)
  • Bengali Bandwala ( An old trumpet player)
  • Kalabaaz (a guy who gathers paid people for political rallies)
  • Gupta Seth (Owner of grocery stores)
  • Maniklal Seth (Owner of a silverware shop
  • mamta - Madhu .

Other characters included Madhu (Hari's love interest and daughter of Gupta seth), Suresh (rich spoilt son of Seth Maniklal) and the wives of Maniklal and Guptaji.


The serial dealt with the struggles of lower income people in cities trying to make a living in an increasingly harsh social and economic climate. The premise was that they all work and live together at the local street corner (Nukkad) and every evening they share jokes and sometimes their never-ending troubles and unfulfilled dreams with each other.

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