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Null may refer to:

Science, technology, and mathematics[edit]


  • Null (SQL) (or NULL), a special marker and keyword in SQL indicating that something has no value
  • Null character, the zero-valued ASCII character, also designated by NUL, often used as a terminator, separator or filler. This symbol has no visual representation
  • Null device, a special computer file, named /dev/null on Unix systems, that discards all data written to it
  • Null modem, a specially wired serial communications cable
  • Null pointer (sometimes written NULL, nil, or None), used in computer programming for an uninitialized, undefined, empty, or meaningless value
  • Null string, the unique string of length zero (in computer science and formal language theory)



Other uses in science and technology[edit]

Arts and media[edit]


Other media[edit]

  • Null, a slur used in Infinity Train to refer to denizens and other non-humans such as MT (Mirror Tulip) / Lake
  • Null, an identity of the character Gray Fox in the Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops video game
  • Null, man-eating sentients in the Downs-Lord Triptich books by John Whitbourn
  • Null, a villain from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures
  • Nulls, worm-like remains of defeated characters in the animated program ReBoot
  • Type: Null, a Gen VII Pokémon species introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon

People with the surname[edit]

Other uses[edit]

  • Null and void, having no legal validity
  • Null-A, a term used in science fiction, referring to Korzybski's notation as an abbreviation for "non-Aristotelian" logic
  • Stunde Null, a term used in Germany to mark the end of the Second World War

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