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A nullo or smoothie is a member of an extreme body modification subculture made up mostly of men who have had their genitals (and sometimes also their nipples) surgically removed. Nullos are not necessarily transgender; most identify as eunuchs.[1] The term nullo is short for genital nullification.[2] Though the procedure is mostly sought by men, there are women who also voluntarily have their vagina stitched closed and clitoris removed.[3]

One of the most famous nullos is Mao Sugiyama, a Japanese artist and asexual activist who in 2012 had his genitals surgically removed, cooked, and served to paying guests at a public banquet. Cannibalism is not a crime under Japanese law. Sugiyama, who uses the nickname "Ham Cybele", also had his nipples removed.[4][5]

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