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The correct title of this article is Numéro#. The substitution or omission of the # is because of technical restrictions.
Jérôme Rocipon in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Numéro# is an electropop Canadian duo from Montreal formed by French Jérôme Rocipon and Québécois Pierre Crube.


Jérôme Rocipon is originally from the region of Bordeaux in France, and was a guitarist in various rock 'n roll groups in France with interests in hip hop music. He started to correspond with Pierre Crube, a Québécois living in Montreal, and composer of experimental electronic music. The two exchanged their compositions on the Internet. From this exchange, the project Numéro# was born, whose compositions were put online on MySpace.

Their first album, L'Idéologie des stars, was released in 2006 on the independent label Saboteur Musique in Montreal. The duo performed heavily, including notably opening up for TTC. A single, "Hit pop", started to receive play on commercial top 40 radio, which is unusual for an independent group.

The band's second single, "Chewing Gum Fraise", is their biggest hit in Québec. The song's video was the #2 video of the year on MusiquePlus.


The rap group Omnikrom appeared on the album L'Idéologie des stars in one of the versions of their single Chewing gum fraise. In the spring of 2007, Numéro# returned the favour and collaborated with Omnikrom on their first album, Trop Banane!, appearing on the tracks Ghetto Hype and Bouger Bouger



  • L'Idéologie des stars (Saboteur Musique, 2006)
  • Sport de combat (2009)


  • "Hit-pop" (2007)
  • "Chewing gum fraise" (featuring Omnikrom) (2007)
  • "J'aime la bourgeoisie" (2008)
  • "Tout est parfait" (2009)

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