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Numa Sadoul (born 7 May 1947, Brazzaville, French Equatorial Africa (now Republic of Congo)) is a French writer, actor, and director, who has been a resident of France since 1966.

As a student, Sadoul interviewed and befriended the famous Belgian cartoonist Hergé, famous for his Adventures of Tintin—an unexpected coup, as Hergé gave few interviews.[1] The interviews were recorded on 14 hours of tape, and, after heavy editing by Hergé, released as a book: Tintin et moi / entretiens avec Hergé (Tintin and I: Interviews with Hergé), in 1975. In 2003, the book was used as a basis for a documentary film Tintin and I, directed by Anders Østergaard.

Sadoul has also published interviews with other leading Franco-Belgian comics artists, such as André Franquin (Et Franquin créa la gaffe, 1986), Jacques Tardi (Tardi, 2000), Philippe Vuillemin (Vuillemin, 2000), as well as books on Gotlib (Gotlib, 1974) and Uderzo (2000).

Particularly noteworthy are his interview books with French comic artist Jean "Mœbius" Giraud. Sadoul followed the career of Giraud closely from the mid 1970s onward until the latter's death in 2012, conducting extensive interviews with the artist throughout this period of time, which resulted in three consecutive interview books, Mister Mœbius et Docteur Gir (1976), Mœbius: Entretiens avec Numa Sadoul (1991), and Docteur Mœbius et Mister Gir (2015), the latter two being each an updated and expanded version of the previous one. Excepting parts of the first book (in SCHTROUMPF: Les cahiers de la BD, issue 25, July 1974), none of the later interviews had seen prior magazine publication, be it in part or in whole. The last version therefore was an posthumous account where the last two decades of Giraud's life were concerned.