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JR Numazu Station.jpg
Station building
Location1 Ōtemachi, Numazu, Shizuoka
Operated byJR Central
Line(s)Tōkaidō Main Line, Gotemba Line
  • Bus terminal
Other information
Station codeCA03
Passengers (FY2006)22,623 daily

Numazu Station (沼津駅, Numazu-eki) is an interchange railway station on the Tōkaidō Main Line in Numazu, Shizuoka, Japan, operated by Central Japan Railway Company (JR Central).


Numazu Station is served by the Tōkaidō Main Line from Tokyo and also the Gotemba Line. It lies 126.2 km from Tokyo Station.

Station layout[edit]

The platforms

Numazu Station has three ground-level island platforms serving six tracks, connected to each other and to the station building by both an overpass and an underpass. The station building has automated ticket machines, TOICA automated turnstiles and a "JR Ticket office" staffed ticket office.


1/2  Tōkaidō Main Line for Fuji, Shizuoka, Hamamatsu, and Toyohashi
3  Tōkaidō Main Line for Mishima, Atami, Odawara, Yokohama, and Tokyo

JU Ueno-Tokyo Line through to Utsunomiya (via JU Utsunomiya Line)

4  Tōkaidō Main Line for Mishima, Atami
5  Gotemba Line for Gotemba, Matsuda, and Kōzu
6  Tōkaidō Main Line for Mishima, Atami, Odawara, Yokohama, and Tokyo

JU Ueno-Tokyo Line through to Utsunomiya (via JU Utsunomiya Line)


Numazu Station opened on February 1, 1889 when the section of the Tōkaidō Main Line connecting Shizuoka with Kōzu was completed. A spur line to nearby Numazu Port was established in 1899. The first station building burned down in a fire of 1913 and the second in a fire of 1926. On December 1, 1934, Numazu was connected directly with Atami Station via the Tanna Tunnel, thus eliminating the previous long detour north to Gotemba Station in the section between Tokyo and Shizuoka. Numazu Station was rebuilt in 1937, but was burned down again, this time in the Bombing of Numazu in World War II. The next station building was erected in 1953, and rebuilt in 1973.

Bus terminals[edit]

Highway buses (north exit)[edit]


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Coordinates: 35°6′11.19″N 138°51′33.40″E / 35.1031083°N 138.8592778°E / 35.1031083; 138.8592778