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A numbered company is a corporation, most commonly found in Canada, given a generic name based on its sequentially-assigned corporation number. For instance, an entity incorporated under the Canada Business Corporations Act and assigned the corporation number 1234567 would be entitled to register "1234567 Canada Inc." as its legal name.[1] Similarly, in Australia, a company assigned the Australian Company Number 123 456 789 upon registration can have its legal name as "123 456 789 Pty Ltd".[2]

Numbered companies may include, but are by no means limited to, new companies that have not yet determined a permanent brand identity, or shell companies used by much larger enterprises for various purposes.

In some cases, a legitimately-active enterprise may be structured as a numbered company with a doing business as registration to provide the numbered entity with a name. This is usually done for the convenience of lawyers, who create a shelf corporation or advent corporation and then assign the recognisable identity later.


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