Numina Application Framework

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Numina Application Framework
Developer(s) Numina Solutions LLC
Stable release
3.0 / January 1, 2011 (2011-01-01)
Written in C#
Operating system Windows Server
Type Enterprise infrastructure software, Single Sign-On System
License Proprietary

The Numina Application Framework is a product from Numina Solutions LLC which provides single sign-on capabilities and an Application framework for building applications.


Features of the Numina Application Framework include :

  • Authentication to LDAP, OpenID, and a local database.
  • A SAML and OpenID Identity Provider
  • Application, Authorization, and Access Control management
  • Domain, Group, and User management
  • Brute force prevention
  • Password complexity, expiration, history, and strength meters
  • Dashboard for accessing applications


There are three main components of the Numina Application Framework:

  • Front-End Application, for web authentications and system management.
  • WCF Service, which provides information to the front-end application as well as applications utilizing the Application framework.
  • Developer Tools, which provide wrappers for the WCF Service and other tools to build client applications.

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