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The Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (or NGC) is a multinational coin grading service provider based in Sarasota, Fla. NGC is the world's largest third-party coin grading service by unit volume having graded more than 30 million coins as of April 2014.[1] It is the official grading service of the American Numismatic Association[2] since 1995 and the official grading service of the Professional Numismatists Guild since 2004.[3] NGC currently employs nearly 30 full-time graders.


Founded in 1987, NGC relocated from Parsippany, N.J., to Sarasota, Fla., in late 2001 and in 2006 NGC moved into a custom-built, 60,000-square-foot secure facility in Sarasota. NGC has opened satellite offices in Zurich, Switzerland and Konstanz, Germany,[4] as well as affiliate submission centers in Guangzhou, China;[5] Hong Kong, China,[6] Seoul, South Korea; Taipei City, Taiwan; and Singapore.

Coin grading is a fee-based service in which a coin or medal is sent to an independent company to render an opinion on its authenticity and condition. Graded coins are then encapsulated in a plastic holder or, colloquially, a "slab." A label insert identifies the coin and provides a grade on the 70-point Sheldon coin grading scale. Coins that are not genuine or have been altered in some way are not graded.


NGC was founded in 1987 in Parsippany, N.J.. In 1995, NGC was named the official grading service of the American Numismatic Association. Five years later, NGC introduced its trademarked Star Designation to identify coins with exceptional eye appeal.

In 2001, the same year that it launched the online NGC Registry program, NGC relocated to Sarasota, Fla. NGC announced in 2004 that it had certified its 10-millionth coin: the Hawaii Five-0 specimen of the 1913 Liberty Nickel.[7] That same year, NGC was named the official grading service of the Professional Numismatists Guild.[8]

NGC relocated in 2006 to a 60,000-square-foot secure building that also houses the other members of the Certified Collectibles Group (CCG): Numismatic Conservation Services (NCS), Paper Money Guaranty (PMG), Certified Guaranty Company (CGC) and Classic Collectible Services (CCS).

The following year, in 2007 NGC released its EdgeView® Holder for the Presidential Dollar series,[9] and in mid-2008 it announced that the EdgeView Holder would be standard for all coin types.[10] This holder was tested by the Smithsonian Institution and used to encapsulate the top 200 US coins from that museum’s collection.

With the launch of the EdgeView Holder, NGC began imaging most of its coins in an initiative designed to combat holder counterfeiting. By January 18, 2011, NGC reported that its image database included more than 3 million coins,[11] and in April 2013 reported that the number of images had passed 7 million.[12]

In 2008, NGC Ancients was introduced as a certification program for ancient coins. A year later, NGC introduced the Scratch-Resistant EdgeView Holder, which has the same appearance as its standard EdgeView Holder but utilizes the same scratch-resistant coating used in eyeglasses.

In 2010 NGC revealed that it had certified 20 million coins. Two years later, NGC announced that it has certified 25 million coins. By April 2014, more than 30 million coins had been graded by NGC.[13]

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