1995 Nunavut capital plebiscite

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A plebiscite on a capital city was held on 11 December 1995 in the area of the Northwest Territories that was to be split off into the new territory of Nunavut. Voters were given the options of either Iqaluit or Rankin Inlet. Iqaluit was chosen by 60% of voters.[1]

Voting system[edit]

The plebiscite was run under the Northwest Territories Plebiscite Act and overseen by Elections Northwest Territories. The plebiscite was non-binding, and the results were to be taken by the Government of Canada's Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, Ron Irwin, to the federal Cabinet.


Which of these communities do you want to become the Capital of Nunavut?

Choice Votes %
Iqaluit 5,869 60.23
Rankin Inlet 3,876 39.77
Invalid/blank votes 88
Total 9,833 100
Registered voters/turnout 79.00
Source: Direct Democracy

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