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Nunohara overview in 2007
Nunohara tracks and platforms in 2007

Nunohara Station (布原駅, Nunohara-eki) is a JR West Hakubi Line and Geibi Line station located on the west side of Niimi, Okayama Prefecture, Japan. Three D51 steam locomotives were used on the Hakubi Line to haul freight until 1972 (at the time of the Nunohara signal box), and the place is famous with train aficionados for taking pictures of them. Now it is famous for its fall colors, and many people visit the area to take pictures of the changing seasons. Nunohara Station is one of the "hikyō stations," or a station considered secluded or less known.


  • 1936-10-10: The Nunohara signal box begins operation. Limited passenger service began in 1953.
  • 1987-04-01: Japan National Railways was privatized, and Nunohara became an official JR West station at the same time.

Station, platform, and environs[edit]

Nunohara Station has two platforms and can handle two rail lines. The Nishi River is located nearby. Because it is a rural station, only a small grouping of houses and buildings is found near Nunohara Station.

Connecting lines[edit]

All lines are JR West.

Hakubi Line
All trains bypass this station.
Geibi Line
Local: Niimi StationNunohara StationBitchū Kōjiro Station

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Coordinates: 34°59′17″N 133°25′20″E / 34.98806°N 133.42222°E / 34.98806; 133.42222