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Nuorgam village
The northernmost point of Finland and the EU: the border crossing with Norway, 3 km (2 mi) east-north-east of Nuorgam. The exact northernmost point is in the river to the left of the road.

Nuorgam (Northern Sami: Njuorggán) is a village in the Utsjoki municipality in the region of Lapland, Finland. It has approximately 200 inhabitants. It is near the northernmost point of Finland and the northernmost point of the European Union.

It is situated on the Deatnu river (Finnish: Teno, Norwegian: Tana), which is very popular for salmon fishing. Nuorgam is located nearby the small villages Utsjoki and Tana. The nearest big cities are: Murmansk, Rovaniemi, Hammerfest, Alta and Tromso (Tromso is 700 km).

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Coordinates: 70°04′50″N 027°52′30″E / 70.08056°N 27.87500°E / 70.08056; 27.87500