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Nuovi orizzonti Latini (NOL) is an organization intended to give space and voice to everyone involved in the cultural aspects of Latino-American culture. In short, literature, movie production, music and art are emphasized and promoted overseas.

It has been accepted, at least by the Latino communities in Europe, that the media has little interest in covering the positive aspects of Latino-American culture, and that if important events are covered, it is mostly done under the European viewpoint.

Origin of Nuovi Orizzonti Latini (New Latin Horizons)[edit]

On April 11, 2003, in Rome, the cultural association "Nuovi Orizzonti Latini" (New Latin Horizons) was founded, as a mix of third-level students, workers, movie directors, liberal professionals, experts of Hispano-American literature and many others.

Multi-ethnic - "Nuovi Orizzonti Latini" is multicultural, hence, multi-ethnic because has been enriched with people from Europe, Latinoamerica, and Australia, providing the Association with a robust drive and expertise in the support and promotion of Latinoamerican culture.

Spotlight - The way in which Latinoamerican culture is put into the spotlight varies: there are several publications, forums, film and video shows; blended up with cultural events at local, regional, national (Italy) and International level, and events put in place along the year with emphasis on the social, political, economic and environmental issues of Latin America.

Independent - 'Nuovi Orizzonti Latini' is independent, autonomous, free and exempt from any political, social, economic, or religious agenda.


The following are honorary members: Betina Golman, Daniela Bellati, Joao Batista de Andrade, Ettore Finazzi Agro, Antonio Melis.

The director is: Dr. Sonia Castillo. The members website: [1].

Recent events (Comunicato Stampa)[edit]

Presentation of the book "Il Cinema di Gabriel Garcia Marquez" (The Cinematography of Gabriel Garcia Marquez) and VI Forum of the Latinoamerican cinematography.

On September 25, 2009 at 18:00 hours, "Il Cinema di Gabriel Garcia Marquez", a book written by Alessandro Rocco, was presented by the Cultural Association "Nuovi Orizzonti Latini" in partnership with Cervantes Institute, at Cervantes Institute at Navona square (Piazza Navona) in Rome.

The forum had been highlighted by the presence of prestigious figures like Dr. Mario Garcia de Castro, chairman of Cervantes Institute, by professors of Hispanoamerican literature Mario Nicola Bottiglieri, at Cassino's University, and Stefano Tedeschi, from "La Sapienza" University, and by the author of the book, Alessandro Rocco.

Meeting with the Latinoamerican Cinematography, VI Forum.

The Meeting with the Latinoamerican cinematography ran from the 26 until the 29 September, at the Aquila Cinema's premises, while the Homage to Lucelia Santos, took place at the Brazilian Embassy auditorioum, on 30 September.

Diverse important institutions were behind the VI forum, "Meeting with the Latinoamerican Cinematography". In fact, it counted with the support of 'Regione Lazio' which is dependant from the Culture and Sport department of Roman County Council, the Municipality, the University of Rome, and the Embassies of Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico and Uruguay

Speakers: Adviser Giulia Rodano (Lazio), Dr. Mario Garcia de Castro, Chairman of Cervantes Institute, the Brazilian Embassy spokesman, Professor of Brazilian Literature at 'La Sapienza' University (Rome), Ettore Finazzi Agro, and the chairman of "Nuovi Orizzonti Latini" Sonia Castillo.

This was the sixth successful consecutive forum, and has become a window for the Latinoamerican cinematography, giving the opportunity to movie directors, and others involved, to promote the culture of Latinoamerica to shine.

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