Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori

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Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori
Joint-stock company
Industry Rail Transport
Founded 11 December 2006
Headquarters Rome, Italy
Key people
Luca Cordero di Montezemolo (Chairman)
Giuseppe Sciarrone (CEO)[1]
Products Passenger transport
  • Increase EUR 249,610,966 (2013)
  • EUR 102,900,636 (2012)
  • Increase EUR -77,534,271 (2013)
  • EUR -137,239,543 (2012)
  • Decrease EUR -77,619,500 (2013)
  • EUR -77,136,171 (2012)
Total assets
  • Increase EUR 905,175,987 (2013)
  • EUR 874,374,526 (2012)
Number of employees
1,074 (end 2013)
Routes of NTV .italo

Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori (Italian: New Passenger Transport) is an Italian company which is Europe's first private open access operator of 300 km/h (190 mph) high-speed trains.[2]


NTV was created by four Italian businessmen (among them Luca Cordero di Montezemolo) to compete with Trenitalia.[3] The company intended to start services in late 2011, following certification of its trains in mid-2011.[4]

In March 2011, NTV complained that the Italian infrastructure manager, RFI, was obstructing its plans to run trains by making last-minute changes to network statements. RFI is controlled by the same government group that controls Trenitalia, the incumbent provider of passenger train services in Italy.[5]

After delays due to the complexity of the project,[6] NTV started service on 28 April 2012 under the .italo brand.[7][8] NTV ridership for whole year 2012 was 2,051,702 .[9]


Italo train at Bologna railway station.

An order for 25 Alstom Automotrice à grande vitesse (AGV) trainsets each with 11 cars was announced on 17 January 2008.[10] Alstom assembled 17 at its La Rochelle plant, while eight were produced at Savigliano in Italy.[11] NTV has an option for a further ten trains. The contract includes maintenance for 30 years.[12] NTV unveiled the first of its trains in a ceremony on 13 December 2011.[13]

In 2015, NTV announced the procurement of eight new trains to expand its fleet. The new units would be from Alstom's Pendolino family, with a maximum speed approximately 60 km/h slower than the existing AGVs. The procurement is intended to allow NTV to expand its existing Italo services, as well as offer services to new destinations.[14]



Routes served by NTV are those of the Italian high-speed rail network, comprising 13 cities and 16 stations. Italo’s High Speed train service connects three lines:[15]

In Turin, Rome and Venice there are two station options: Termini and Tiburtina stations in Rome, Mestre and Santa Lucia in Venice, Porta Nuova and Porta Susa in Turin, whereas in Milan there are three station options: Centrale, Porta Garibaldi and Rogoredo.

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