Nuozhadu Dam

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Nuozhadu Dam
Nuozhadu Dam is located in China
Nuozhadu Dam
Location of Nuozhadu Dam in China
LocationPuer, Yunnan Province
Coordinates22°39′22″N 100°25′06″E / 22.65611°N 100.41833°E / 22.65611; 100.41833Coordinates: 22°39′22″N 100°25′06″E / 22.65611°N 100.41833°E / 22.65611; 100.41833
Construction began2004
Opening date2012
Dam and spillways
Type of damEmbankment, central core, rock-fill
ImpoundsLancang (Mekong) River
Height261.5 m (858 ft)
Length608 m (1,995 ft)
Width (crest)18 m (59 ft)
Spillway typeService, controlled side channel chute
Spillway capacity31,318 m3/s (1,106,000 cu ft/s)
CreatesNuozhadu Reservoir
Total capacity21,749,000,000 m3 (17,632,000 acre⋅ft)
Catchment area140,000 km2 (54,000 sq mi)
Surface area320 km2 (120 sq mi)
Power Station
Commission date2012-2014
Hydraulic head187 m (614 ft)
Turbines9 x 650 MW Francis-type
Installed capacity5,850 MW
Annual generation23,9 TWh[1]

Nuozhadu Dam (Chinese: 糯扎渡大坝; pinyin: Nuòzhādù Dàbà) is an embankment dam on the Lancang (Mekong) River in Yunnan Province, southwest China. The dam is 261.5 m (858 ft) tall, and creates a reservoir with a normal capacity of 21,749,000,000 m3 (17,632,000 acre⋅ft) at a level of 812 m (2,664 ft) asl. The purpose of the dam is hydroelectric power production along with flood control and navigation. The dam supports a power station with nine generators, each with generating capacity of 650 MW. The total generating capacity of the power station is 5,850 MW.[2] Construction on the project began in 2004; the dam's first generator went online 6 September 2012 and the last generator was commissioned in June 2014.[3][4] The construction and management of the project was implemented by Huaneng Power International Ltd., which has a concession to build, own and operate hydroelectric dams on China's stretch of the Mekong River.

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