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Nuplex Industries Ltd
IndustryManufacturing, chemicals
FateMerger with Allnex
Defunct14 June 2016
Areas served
Key people
CEO - Emery Severin,
Chairman - Peter Springford
Number of employees

Nuplex Industries Limited was a global manufacturer and distributor of resins used in decorative paints and industrial and performance coatings with operations in Europe, Asia, the Americas, Australia and New Zealand. They were a publicly listed company on the NZX50 index in New Zealand. They were founded in 1952, and were initially a distribution company for flooring products.[1] As of 2015, they employed over 1700 staff across 25 countries.[2] They have a number of manufacturing divisions, including:[3]

  • Automotive related resins and plastics
  • Vehicle paints
  • aerospace resins and paints
  • marine products,
  • flooring & construction for the commercial and industrial sectors
  • adhesives
  • paper and textiles

Nuplex Industries was headquartered in Sydney, Australia with the Allnex merger its headquarters moved to Frankfurt am Main. As at 31 December 2015, Nuplex Industries had a NZ$895 million market capitalisation.[4] Its chairman of the board of directors is Peter Springford, and its chief executive officer has been Emery Severin since 2010.[5]

Since the global financial crisis, Nuplex has expanded profitably into Europe and Asia with their industrial coatings and paints.[6] They have been described by Research and markets, an independent financial analyst firm as one of the major global players in global resins coating. They opened a new factory in Russia in 2014 to cater to expected long-term growth from that country.[7] Nuplex signalled at its AGM in November 2015 that it expected strong sales for a new fast drying paint that had been in research and development for the previous seven years.[8]

In mid-September 2016 Nuplex was brought together with Allnex, from then on operating under the name Allnex.[9] After the Allnex takeover, Nuplex was delisted from the NZX.[10] New corporate headquarters of the combined company are in Frankfurt am Main in Germany.[11]


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