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Nuraghe Arrubiu

Coordinates: 39°39′45″N 9°17′51″E / 39.6624°N 9.2974°E / 39.6624; 9.2974
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Nuraghe Arrubiu
Nuraghe Arrubiu
Nuraghe Arrubiu is located in Sardinia
Nuraghe Arrubiu
Shown within Sardinia
LocationOrroli, Sardinia, Italy
PeriodsBronze Age
CulturesNuragic civilization

The Nuraghe Arrubiu is one of the largest nuraghes in Sardinia. It is in Orroli, in the province of South Sardinia. Its name means "red nuraghe" in the Sardinian language, which derives from the basalt stones it had been built with.[1]

Reconstruction of Nuraghe Arrubiu by Vittorio Anedda

The structure was built during the fifteenth century BC; the main tower originally reached a height of between 25 and 30 metres, making it one of the tallest structures in Bronze Age Europe. The main structure, which is made up of five towers, is protected by two secondary walls, making a total of 21 towers. The area covered by the complex is ca. 3000 square metres.[2] The nuraghe was also provided with a complex drainage system that provided the cistern with water.[3]

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39°39′45″N 9°17′51″E / 39.6624°N 9.2974°E / 39.6624; 9.2974